The Top 5 Greatest Airlines and Reasons for Leisure Business Class Travel

In the wake of the global pandemic, the travel and tourism industry, particularly the business travel sector, faced unprecedented challenges. With border restrictions and lockdowns affecting international travel, airlines witnessed a significant decline in revenue. However, as the world gradually reopens, airlines are adapting their services to meet the evolving needs of travelers. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the changes in the business class travel landscape and highlight five of the best airlines to fly with post-pandemic.

British Airways


British Airways, like many airlines, experienced substantial losses due to the pandemic’s impact on international travel. However, the airline is adapting by introducing new routes and services, catering to the rising demand for domestic and leisure travel. With the launch of “Club Europe” business class cabins on domestic routes, British Airways is diversifying its offerings to attract leisure travelers while maintaining its commitment to premium service.



Emirates, known for its luxurious business class experience, has implemented innovative safety measures to reassure passengers amid the pandemic. From contactless check-ins to enhanced onboard hygiene protocols, Emirates is prioritizing passenger safety without compromising on comfort. With plans to restart flights to popular destinations like Greece, Emirates is poised to welcome travelers back with its renowned hospitality and world-class service.

Qatar Airways


Qatar Airways earned accolades for its commitment to passenger safety during the pandemic, receiving a 5-star COVID safety rating from Skytrax. The airline’s proactive approach, including advanced air filtration systems and repatriation flights, demonstrates its dedication to ensuring a safe and comfortable travel experience. With onboard amenities and services tailored to meet the needs of business travelers, Qatar Airways remains a top choice for discerning passengers.

American Airlines


American Airlines is introducing touchless technologies and safety measures to enhance the travel experience for its business class passengers. From mobile check-ins to virtual assistants, the airline is leveraging technology to streamline the travel process and prioritize passenger well-being. With a focus on inflight dining and entertainment, American Airlines continues to offer a premium travel experience for business travelers.



Lufthansa has adjusted its onboard services to meet the changing needs of travelers, offering simplified dining options and enhanced hygiene protocols. With priority check-in and spacious seating arrangements, Lufthansa prioritizes passenger comfort and safety. As international travel restrictions ease, Lufthansa is poised to resume flights to key destinations, providing business travelers with reliable and efficient service.


In conclusion, while the business class travel landscape has evolved in response to the pandemic, airlines are committed to providing safe, comfortable, and luxurious experiences for passengers. Whether you’re flying with British Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, American Airlines, or Lufthansa, you can expect premium service and amenities tailored to meet your needs. As travel restrictions ease and confidence in air travel grows, business class remains an appealing option for travelers seeking comfort, convenience, and luxury in the skies.

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