Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

Delta Airlines is one of the most well-known airlines in the world and they have a strict name change policy to ensure all passengers are properly identified. This post will explore the details of Delta Airlines’ name change policy, including any fees associated with the process and the necessary documentation required. With this information, you … Read more

American Airlines Name Change Policy

American Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in the United States, with travelers taking advantage of its convenient flight schedules and competitive prices. However, sometimes things don’t always go as planned, and you may need to make a name change on your ticket.  American Airlines has a policy regarding name changes on tickets. … Read more

Emirates Name Correction Policy

Did you accidentally spell your name incorrectly when making a reservation with Emirates Airlines? You can still travel on your ticket if you go by Emirates name correction policy. You don’t have to change your flight name and cancel your current Emirates Airlines reservation to get a refund. Passengers can make an Emirates name adjustment … Read more

British Airways Name Change Policy

According to British Airways name change policy, travellers whose names do not exactly match those on their official travel documents are not permitted to board the aircraft (passport, government-issued ID) In unusual cases, British Airways will grant name correction requests that demand significant work and cost (including, if applicable, a name correction fee, reissue fee, … Read more

Lufthansa Name Change Policy

The flight ticket’s name must match the name on the passenger’s official document under Lufthansa’s name change policy (passport, ID card). Passengers should always ensure that their names are appropriately entered on the ticket when making a reservation. Retrospective changes to the airline’s PNR require a lot of work and money, including the Lufthansa name … Read more

Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

With Spirit Airlines’ policy on name changes, many passengers have questioned whether they can switch people or what will happen if they type the wrong name on the boarding pass. The airlines have processes to help passengers deal with these circumstances, including how much it will cost and how far in advance of the scheduled … Read more

Cathay Pacific Name Correction Policy

Is it necessary to postpone the trip because a name was spelled incorrectly? If you reserved your flight with Cathay Pacific, don’t be concerned. The Cathay Pacific Airways name correction policy enables customers to make necessary character name modifications. Complete names cannot be transferred or changed; however, misspelled names can be fixed for a minimal … Read more