Unveiling the Alcohol Policies of Leading Airlines Across the Middle East and Asia

Alcohol consumption policies aboard airlines vary significantly across the globe, often influenced by cultural, religious, and legal factors. In this comprehensive analysis, we delve into the alcohol policies of prominent airlines situated in the Middle East and Asia, shedding light on their regulations, exceptions, and cultural nuances.

1. Saudia


Saudia, the national airline of Saudi Arabia, strictly adheres to Islamic laws, prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcohol onboard. However, the airline offers an array of non-alcoholic beverages and luxurious dining experiences tailored to different flight destinations.

2. Egypt Air


Egypt Air, based in Cairo, Egypt, refrains from serving alcoholic beverages onboard, although passengers are permitted to bring their own. The airline emphasizes alternative drink options and occasionally serves alcohol on select international flights.

3. Air Arabia


Operating as a low-cost carrier in the UAE, Air Arabia prohibits smoking and alcohol consumption onboard. However, passengers can purchase duty-free alcohol to consume after the flight. The airline focuses on providing a diverse range of food and beverage options through its Sky café.

4. Kuwait Airways


Mirroring Saudia’s policies, Kuwait Airways strictly prohibits alcohol consumption onboard its flights, aligning with Kuwait’s regulations. Instead, passengers are offered a selection of non-alcoholic beverages and gourmet meals, maintaining cultural sensitivity.

5. Turkish Airlines


Turkish Airlines, Turkey’s national carrier, adopts a nuanced approach to alcohol service, offering complimentary alcoholic beverages on international flights while abstaining from serving them on domestic routes. This strategy reflects cultural considerations and practical limitations.

6. Royal Brunei Airlines


As the flag carrier of Brunei, Royal Brunei Airlines refrains from serving alcohol onboard but allows non-Muslim passengers to bring their own. The airline accommodates diverse preferences while respecting Brunei’s Islamic principles.

7. Iran Air


In line with Islamic law, Iran Air abstains from serving alcohol on all flights, emphasizing traditional Iranian cuisine and hospitality. The airline’s approach reflects its cultural heritage and commitment to religious principles.

8. Jazeera Airways


Based in Kuwait, Jazeera Airways allows passengers to carry alcohol onboard but refrains from serving it due to religious considerations. The airline focuses on providing premium services and catering options while respecting diverse cultural backgrounds.

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