A Guide to Avoiding Delta Baggage Fees in 2024!

Free checked bags are no longer offered on most flights unless you’re traveling with Southwest Airlines. Nowadays, most American airlines (Delta Air Lines included) charge $30 or more for your first checked bag. Airlines rely heavily on baggage fees, which can quickly mount up. It’s also possible that other airlines, like Delta, will soon follow suit given that Alaska Airlines, the first to raise baggage costs nationwide in five years, increased the cost of checking a bag to $35 recently.

Taking into account your destination and ticket, we will break out the precise amount that Delta charges for luggage. However, if you have the appropriate resources and attitude, you can completely avoid having to pay Delta luggage fees.

Current Baggage Fees on Delta

So, how much does it cost to check a bag on a Delta flight? Depending on your intended destination. The costs for checking one bag in Delta’s main cabin economy or basic economy between the United States and a few locations are listed in the chart we’ve put together.

For a round-trip flight, these fees are doubled as they apply each way. If you are traveling within the United States, to the Caribbean, or Canada, each way checked baggage fee is $150. Additionally, although each passenger is allowed to check up to ten bags, bags four through ten will cost $200 each. I hurt.

On numerous foreign journeys, such expenses increase. A third bag costs $180 each way on flights to Mexico. Taking a long-haul flight to Europe? Get ready to pay a small fortune for it: You will pay $285 for each of bags three through ten.

DestinationBasic EconomyMain Cabin Economy
U.S. (including Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico)$30$30
Caribbean & Central America$30$30
El Salvador, Ecuador, Panama$30Free
Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay$70Free
South America$60Free
Europe & Northern Africa$75Free
Middle East & AfricaFreeFree

Pack in a carry-on to avoid paying airline baggage fees

There is a free method to avoid paying luggage fees while traveling with Delta. All you have to do is bring a little less. You can always bring a carry-on bag (along with a smaller personal item like a backpack or handbag) on board, regardless of whether you’re flying first class or basic economy on Delta. Plus, it’s always free while using Delta.

As a typical carry-on, these bags should measure around 22 by 14 by 9 inches, according to Delta. There is no weight restriction on carry-on luggage with Delta, in contrast to certain other significant international carriers.

Not only can packing into a carry-on bag save you money, but it can also relieve stress and save time. No more waiting to retrieve your bags from the baggage carousel or to check it in. Since your bag is always with you, you can stop worrying about the airline losing it.

Take the Proper Route for Complimentary Baggage

Airlines have turned luggage fees into a lucrative business, so paying your flight’s Delta baggage costs is standard practice these days. However, you can travel to select places where the days of baggage-free travel are still prevalent.

Checked luggage on a domestic flight within the United States will always cost you $30 each way. Flights from the United States to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean are subject to the same $30 cost. You might not have to pay, though, on other flights.

When traveling from the US to: Delta still offers a complimentary checked bag.

  • Australia
  • Asia
  • The majority of the Middle East

In addition, if you’re not traveling in Delta basic economy and are departing from the United States to:

  • Europe.
  • Ecuador, Panama, and El Salvador
  • the most of South America
  • The Israel

Using the Correct Credit Card Can Help You Avoid Paying Delta Baggage Fees

Obtaining an American Express co-branded credit card is, without a doubt, the simplest way to avoid paying luggage fees on Delta flights.

For frequent travelers, there are four different cards available: the Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card, Delta SkyMiles® Gold American Express Card, Delta SkyMiles® Platinum American Express Card, and Delta SkyMiles® Blue American Express Card.

You can check a free bag up to 50 pounds on all bar one (the Blue card) flights provided by Delta. Additionally, complimentary bags are included for up to eight additional passengers who are scheduled on your reservation.

And what’s finest about it all? Your Delta credit card is not even required to be used to pay for your ticket. The free baggage advantage is applied automatically as long as your Delta card is linked to your SkyMiles account. When you fly basic economy with Delta, you even receive a free checked bag. There’s one significant exclusion, though: Using these cards won’t grant you a complimentary bag on partner carriers like Air France or KLM. To do that, you’ll require Delta status.

Boost Delta Status

Regular Delta travelers can advance to become Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Medallion holders. Although we believe that most people won’t find obtaining Delta Medallion status to be worth the effort, it offers an additional means of avoiding paying Delta luggage fees. Furthermore, Delta has made changes to the way its most devoted passengers obtain status moving ahead, although nothing will change in terms of baggage benefits.

On every flight inside the United States and Canada, regardless of your status—from entry-level Silver to top-tier Diamond Medallion—you are entitled to complimentary bag checking. As one moves up the status ladder, the benefits increase: Gold status holders can check two bags for free, Platinums and Diamonds can check a whooping three bags for free, and Silver medallions can check one free checked bag. Furthermore, these luggage benefits are valid on select partner airlines, such as Air France and KLM!

Although most checked baggage at Delta is limited to 50 pounds, members of the Delta Medallion program are eligible for an additional 50 pounds on their first bag. In contrast to the credit card benefit, your status on several partner airlines also entitles you to free luggage.

You can assist your traveling companions as well if you have Delta status. Checking luggage is free for up to eight additional passengers who are scheduled on your reservation.

Get Free Bags When You Fly First

Although it may not be the most economical option, you can also receive complimentary checked bags by traveling in first class, Delta One business class, or even Delta Premium Select.

Delta One

With your premium ticket, you’ll receive two complimentary checked bags whether you’re traveling domestically in first class, to Europe via Premium Select, or to Asia in a Delta One Suite. These bags have a maximum weight of 70 pounds in every instance.

Free Flying for Strollers and Car Seats

Do you have kids and are concerned about spending a fortune to bring everything you need? Avoid stress. Strollers and car seats can be checked out for free on Delta. As a result, organizing and packing for your family vacation ought to be a lot simpler and less expensive.

Utilizing SkyMiles to Cover Your Delta Baggage Fees

Do not do this, please. For flights departing from the majority of domestic airports, Delta now accepts SkyMiles as payment for checked baggage costs.

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