The Best Hotels in Amsterdam in 2024

Travelers and visitors alike will find an abundance of lodging alternatives in Amsterdam, a modern, international city. There is something for everyone, regardless of budget, from cheery, affordable hostels that appeal to partygoers to a wide range of oddball, distinctive Airbnb rentals. At the upper end of the market, however, Amsterdam truly excels, offering a variety and selection of luxury hotels that belie the city’s relatively small size. See the top luxury hotels in Amsterdam by reading on, regardless of your preference for opulent grandeur, subtle elegance, or the conveniences of a cutting-edge hotel. Nearly all of the hotels on this list have four ratings or above, most of them five stars. Don’t forget to have a look at our private boat tours in Amsterdam to complete your unique experience.

1. Accommodation De L’Europe

best hotels in amsterdam

Founded in 1896, De L’Europe, one of Amsterdam’s original Grand Old Dames, has been the go-to opulent hotel for the city’s aristocrats and well-known figures worldwide. With its stunning view of the Amstel River and its proximity to the city center, the hotel has undergone a multi-million euro renovation that combines modern amenities like Bose sound systems, in-room iPads, and velvet and gold draperies with more traditional elements like crystal chandeliers and replicas of Old Master paintings.

2. Hotel Amstel Intercontinental

Currently, a member of the Intercontinental Hotel Group, the Amstel Hotel is arguably the most well-known and iconic luxury hotel in Amsterdam. This five-star hotel in Amsterdam is located in a distinctive area with stunning views of the Amstel River. The building’s reflection in the water is shimmering. inside the breathtaking vista from the riverbank terras. The Amsterdam Museums, including the Koninklijk Theatre Caré, are all within walking distance.

3. Grand Hotel Amrâth

best hotels in amsterdam

Magnificent in name and nature alike. This century-old hotel in Amsterdam is a marvel of Art Deco design and a prime example of the renowned Amsterdam School architecture. It is housed in a former shipping building in the center of the city. The rooms have an airy, regal feel due to the charming combination of wrought iron, marble, stained glass, and carved stone. This is especially true in the upgraded quarters, which feature full-size bathtubs and four-poster beds. The service is commensurate with the somewhat quirky interiors; guests receive a complimentary “check-in massage.”

4. Twenty-Seven Hotel

Hotel TwentySeven is a world apart, a haven of understated elegance and impeccable taste, even though it’s just a minute’s walk from the busy Dam Square. According to their website, this is “the most opulent sanctuary Amsterdam has to offer,” and they are not incorrect; the lavish and sophisticated setting serves as the owner Eric Toren’s only means of providing guests with an experience of a lifetime.

5. The Hotel Conservatorium

best hotels in amsterdam

Conservatorium: a five-star hotel located in the heart of Amsterdam. The Conservatorium exudes refinement and subtle luxury, not least because of its position in the lush, upscale neighborhood of Museumplein. This five-star hotel in Amsterdam has been named the best luxury hotel in the Netherlands on a recurrent basis, which is not unexpected given its impeccable qualities, which range from iconic heritage architecture to elegant, modern design.

6. The Pulitzer Hotel

Being a guest at the Pulitzer means being a part of the city’s rich and storied past. This opulent hotel, Amsterdam’s oldest five-star facility, is known for its meticulous attention to detail and understated, impeccable service. It is housed amid twenty-five renovated 17th and 18th-century townhouses that belonged to trade merchants and the Dutch nobility. But this isn’t stuffy, old-world elegance; instead, subdued colors and crisp lines are the norm, complemented by quirky design elements and works from the hotel’s sizable collection of contemporary art hanging on the walls.

7. The Toren

best hotels in amsterdam

Among the best hotels in Amsterdam, The Toren continues to be one of the most distinctive. Spread in a pair of 17th-century townhouses (one dating back to 1618) in the central canal district, this small but exceptional luxury boutique residence provides a lush, peaceful haven from the contemporary world. It is similar to many others of its like.

8.  Waldorf Astoria

The Waldorf-Astoria brand has been associated with the most upscale, discreet hotels since 1893, and its Amsterdam location more than lives up to this illustrious heritage. Situated in six exquisite canalside palaces on the upscale Herengracht, some of which date back to the 1670s, the Waldorf Astoria seamlessly blends modern sophistication with historical charm, with 17th-century artwork, glossy marble and stucco, and a breathtaking staircase designed by Louis XVI’s architect.

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