Can You Bring a Candle on a Plane?

Are you wondering if you could bring candles on your next flight? Maybe you’re bringing one to give to a friend or relative who lives in a different state, or maybe you just fell in love with a candle while on vacation and you just can’t bring it home. This post will cover the kinds of candles that are permitted on flights as well as safe packing and carry-on techniques.

Are candles allowed on a plane?

When traveling by air from any location in the United States, you are permitted to bring the majority of candle types on board. As long as you don’t fire them on board, of course, solid wax candles can be brought along with almost no limitations, according to the TSA website.

If you are carrying candles in your carry-on luggage, it is advisable to take them out and stash them in a bin when passing through security. From our experience, if TSA officials are unable to identify the candles after they are scanned by the system, they frequently want to perform a second scan on the candles.

Regarding bringing candles on flights, the TSA has the following regulations:

  • Both carry-on and checked baggage are permitted to contain solid candles.
  • Gel candles are OK for checked baggage but not authorized for carry-ons.
  • You are not restricted in the size or quantity of candles you may carry.
  • As long as they are substantial, candles are acceptable to bring in both checked and carry-on luggage.
  • Any wax candle that is solid and solidified is referred to as a solid candle. Paraffin, soy, beeswax, palm, coconut, and other waxes are a few examples of candle materials. They could be in glass, metal, ceramic, or sometimes no container at all.
  • Rubbery, clear gel wax composed of 5% polymer resin and 95% mineral oil is used in gel candles, often known as gel wax candles. Even though gel candles are meant to burn longer than solid wax candles, the TSA determined that they are too risky to have in your carry-on due to the numerous internet reports of gel candles blowing up.
  • Remember to store any gel candles you intend to bring on your trip in your checked luggage.
  • The size or quantity of candles you can bring is not restricted by the TSA. In general, as long as they fit inside your bag, you are free to carry as many candles as you like.
  • In addition, the candles can be any form or size as long as it makes sense. “The final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint,” according to a side note on the TSA website.

How about organized matches?

You are allowed to bring an art deco-inspired matchbox in your carry-on bag, but not in your checked luggage, if you purchased it to go with your favorite candle from Harlem Candle Company.

It is forbidden to use strike-anywhere matches. These particular matches can ignite through friction on any hard, uneven surface, perhaps starting a fire while in transit. Safety matches, on the other hand, are safer to carry because they only ignite when hit against the unique strip on the side of the box, like our Art Deco matches.

Passengers may bring one box of safety matches per person according to TSA regulations. It will be necessary for you to leave the others at home if you have more than one.

Inside luggage tips for packing candles

Now that you know what you can and cannot bring, let’s discuss how to pack candles for your trip. Candles may be very delicate, especially the ones that come in beautiful glass holders. Packing them in your carry-on bag or bringing them on board as a personal item will allow you to monitor how they are handled during your travels.

It’s risky, though, to pack them in your checked luggage. It is not a good idea to have candles inside suitcases while airport staff are flinging them on and off the aircraft, as you have undoubtedly seen in videos.

Here are some suggestions for protecting candles if you must pack them in your checked luggage:

  • Because some wax softens or melts during transportation, place candles inside clear, zippered bags.
  • Place your candle as near the middle of your bag as you can.
  • Put at least 1-3 inches of packing material—ideally folded paper or bubble wrap—around the whole circumference of any glass or ceramic candle.
  • Although they shouldn’t be wrapped directly around the candle to prevent melting wax or oil stains, clothing can also be an excellent packaging material.
  • Make sure there isn’t any room within your baggage for items to stow away by packing it full.
  • Place a “Fragile” sticker on your travel bag. Although it’s not a guarantee that your bags will be handled carefully, it’s still better than nothing.

Methods for Stowing Candles in Carry-On Bags

  • It’s best to store delicate items like candles in carry-on luggage. Though they can fit in your carry-on bag, candles frequently get more attention from airport security. Perhaps the gate officer has created an erroneous cognitive association between candles and fires, or perhaps it is just the way candle wax appears when it passes through the X-ray equipment.
  • In any case, there may be unwelcome delays if your candle is marked for a security check. Here’s what we advise if you want to bring a candle in your carry-on:
  • To ensure easy access to it in an emergency, place your candle close to the top of your luggage.
    Keep your candle in an open candle box or a clear zippered bag that security can inspect.
    Before putting it through the x-ray, take it out of your luggage to expedite the process.
    Before the flight, avoid gift-wrapping your candle, as security may request that you remove it.
  • That concludes our discussion about carrying candles on airplanes.
  • These pointers ought to allay some worries and make it easier for you to pack your preferred candles for your upcoming vacation.

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