How to Use CashBack Monitor for Your Benefit When Shopping Online?

Shopping portals can save you a ton of money, or points and miles if you don’t use them before making online purchases. Using shopping portals to make practically all of your online purchases can earn you money, points, or miles. To earn those points, all you have to do is keep in mind to navigate through one of the several portals instead of visiting the store’s website directly. Identifying the most cost-effective shopping portal among the numerous options available can be difficult.

Now launch CashBack Monitor. Because it may direct you to the ideal shopping gateway for every transaction, CashBack Monitor is an extremely useful tool. It will indicate which shopping sites are providing the best benefits if you simply key in the retailer you are purchasing from. Simply click through to begin shopping and get additional rewards.

Before you make your next online transaction, we’ll go over all you need to know about utilizing CashBack Monitor. Go to this page to see CashBack Monitor.

How does CashBack Monitor work?

Monitoring the perks offered by shopping portals could require a full-time position. However, CashBack Monitor compiles information from credit card purchasing portals, cashback portals, and travel airline websites, updating them nearly instantly with the most recent deals. One of the best methods to get the most out of your money before you buy is to do this.

You can then proceed to make your online purchase by clicking through the preferred site. The first place you should go before making any online purchases is this service, which is free. Shopping portals and cashback schemes involve thousands of retailers. Additionally, you are throwing away valuable points, miles, or money if you aren’t using them.

How Does Monitor Cashback Operate?

Allow me to demonstrate the operation of CashBack Monitor for you. I have to buy something at Macy’s. Nevertheless, I first visited CashBack Monitor to see where I could get the best bargain before visiting the Macy’s website.

I may look for the exact merchant on the website by using the search box in the top left corner of the page. Additionally, the last time the data was refreshed is visible in the upper left corner. Furthermore, the data is usually only a few hours old.

You may view the plethora of possibilities below after accessing Macy’s using the CashBack Monitor website. I can get up to 8% back on every dollar I spend with Top Cashback or even 6% back with Rakuten (previously Ebates) if I want to prioritize getting cashback. I have a credit card that gets American Express Membership Rewards points, so I can even earn six times the points for every dollar I spend with Rakuten.

There will be multiple columns at each store that show various options for cash back and travel rewards. The top spots on the lists will go to the programs that are offering the biggest bonuses. It is possible to obtain miles with nearly all domestic airlines or 6x Chase Ultimate Rewards points by utilizing the Shop Through Chase link. If I want to, I can even get points from a select hotel chain for my Macy’s purchases.

When I’ve made up my mind about which program to use, all I have to do is click the link on CashBack Monitor, and it will direct me to the right screen featuring my preferred shopping portal or cashback. It’s crucial to remember that to utilize any of the shopping or cashback websites, you must first register for an account.

My access to the Shop Through Chase gateway is made possible by my possession of the Chase Sapphire Reserve. I’ve also chosen to use this portal to complete my Macy’s transaction because I frequently value accumulating Chase Ultimate Rewards points more highly than other points or miles.

I can access Macy’s website by logging into my Chase account and clicking the link after clicking through the CashBack Monitor link. I will receive an extra 6x Chase Ultimate Rewards points for each dollar I spend at Macy’s, provided I don’t close the browser window before making my transaction. Not only that but whichever credit card I choose to make the purchase will also provide me with points. You can obtain the bonus without even using the card linked to the online store. Any card you want to use is acceptable.

Creating an Account on an Online Shopping Portal

All you need is a frequent flyer account, which is free to create, to have an account on an airline shopping platform. After deciding which portal to use for your purchases, all you have to do is visit the portal’s website and create a free account. Your real airline frequent flyer account number and login information, however, will change.

Additionally, if you use Google Chrome as your online browser, you can install a Chrome extension to receive alerts whenever you visit a page offering an airline portal shopping bonus while shopping. Examine this using the SkyMiles buying interface offered by Delta.

You cannot shop and accrue bonus points using the Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping site unless you possess an Ultimate Rewards earning credit card, such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card or the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

See the History of the Best Rates

The capability to check the best rate history is another fantastic feature of CashBack Monitor. Even using the CashBack Monitor tool, the portal deals can vary, so it might be difficult to determine whether the current offer is a good one or if waiting will allow you to earn more points.

To further clarify things, you can click the “View Best Rate History button” once you’re on the retailer’s CashBack Monitor page. It will display the top products available right now in each category. Furthermore, it seems that 6x Ultimate Rewards points for every dollar spent at Macy’s is about as good as it gets, based on the Credit Card Points Best Rate history shown below.

Occasionally, a lot of the websites will provide promotions at particular merchants so users may accrue additional points. To optimize your ability to accrue points and miles, be sure to keep a watch on these offers.

Make use of the BookMarklet CashBack Monitor

The BookMarklet tool is yet another awesome feature provided by CashBack Monitor. To access the CashBack Monitor page from the store you are visiting, all you need to do is click on this link and drag the designated link into the favorites bar of your web browser. If you visit a website before visiting CashBack Monitor initially, this could save you a few clicks.

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