How to Book Cheaper Flights to Disney World: A Comprehensive Guide in 2024!

Expenses associated with a trip to Walt Disney World can include park admission, meals, hotel, and more. Yet it doesn’t have to be difficult to go to Florida. First things first, finding inexpensive flights to Disney World is essential if you want to visit one of the most wonderful locations on earth for less money, whether you’re going straight to Disney or exploring other nearby resorts and theme parks.

In particular, if you need to transport the entire family to and from Orlando, those flights may appear pricey at first. To enhance your park experience, leverage the money you save by using a few essential techniques to get the cheapest flights to Walt Disney World. You can travel to Disney World for less money if you know what to do.

The Basics of Disney World Travel Reservations

Takeoff for Orlando (MCO) is where it all begins. Orlando is among the most well-liked tourist locations in the nation since it is the location of Disney World. Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld, LEGOLAND Florida Theme Park, and Walt Disney World Resort are all located in Orlando. Even though the Orlando region has kid-friendly attractions like Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter, adults should also make an annual trip to this underappreciated city. Orlando is a popular place since there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is the airport in Florida where you may obtain low-cost flights to Universal Studios. With Disney World being by far the biggest attraction in Orlando, there are numerous methods to get from the airport to the park, which is approximately 20 miles away.

Numerous airlines are available to transport you to Orlando due to the abundance of options and high demand; this competition facilitates the discovery of inexpensive flights. A summary of airlines that fly to Orlando is provided below:

Observe the Fly First Rule

Booking your flights first is the hard and fast rule when it comes to making travel arrangements to Disney World. We understand that at first, it could feel weird. Before you make your Disney World travel arrangements, you’re accustomed to checking your schedule, asking for a break, purchasing park passes, and perhaps even securing a hotel room. Nevertheless, that’s a mistake because it will lead to overspending on airfare.

Instead, begin by looking at flights, and use the pricing to help you choose the most affordable times to go to and from Orlando. You could get airfare discounts of $50, $100, $200, or more even if you change your desired dates by just one or two days. The savings might be significant when spread out over multiple family tickets.

Use Google Flights

Before you do anything else, you already know when to start looking for inexpensive flights to Disney World. The question is, though, where should you look first for cheap flights? The most effective and intuitive search engine available is Google Flights, which is where you should go.

When looking for inexpensive flights to Disney or somewhere else, Google Flights is the greatest option available. Whenever you’re looking for a better ticket to schedule your Disney vacation, its feature-rich arsenal will put you in control. We’ll show you what it looks like for flights specifically to Orlando (MCO) in this section, but we also have a thorough and detailed guide to using Google Flights like an expert, which I urge you to explore as you begin your planning. For illustration purposes, let’s look at flights from Chicago to Disney World.

Utilize miles and points

Low-cost airfare is our passion, but we also really like free or almost free airfare. Using the points and miles you’ve earned is one of our favorite strategies to find inexpensive flights to Disney World. And when it comes to Florida flights, Delta SkyMiles is the greatest mileage program we’ve seen. View this, please.

It’s true that last year, amazing Delta SkyMiles flash sale with affordable flights to Orlando. Flying to Walt Disney World and bringing those savings to the park would cost you less than 10,000 Delta SkyMiles roundtrip!

When Delta surreptitiously reduced award rates, all of these Delta hubs offered nonstop flights to Orlando (MCO). See this 9,000 SkyMiles round-trip ticket from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) to Orlando, for example. Your family of four could visit Disney World with 36,000 SkyMiles overall at that rate! Use your enormous savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a quick pass when visiting the park!

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