The Best Airbnb Experiences You Should Know

Airbnb Experiences is the only resource you need if you want to add some local flavor to a future vacation. Finding tours, day trips, and other unusual experiences and activities with local guides in most major cities is now easier than ever thanks to Airbnb. You can have an incredible experience in your hometown even if you aren’t going anywhere. Airbnb even posted these encounters online throughout the pandemic.

With any luck, Airbnb Experiences will wind up playing a major role in your trip preparation. Happily, you can reserve one of these experiences even if you’re not staying at an Airbnb.

What are Airbnb Experiences?

A distinct service provided by the well-known homestay firm, Airbnb Experiences was introduced only a few years ago. The standard Airbnb app can be used to look for highly recommended activities, day trips, tours, and other experiences led by locals.

Though those are also available, these are typically not your standard walking tours or day outings. Photo sessions, guided treks, and all in between are examples of these unusual experiences.

To sample the local flavor (many towns offer excellent cooking classes and gastronomy excursions!), booking an Airbnb Experience is a terrific way to explore a new place. Use Airbnb Experiences even if you’re not traveling; they provide some awesome things to do for a great weekend or romantic evening right in your area.

You can still reserve an Airbnb even if you won’t be staying there during your vacation! Set yourself up for success by scheduling an experience just like you would any other tour or activity.

View Experiences with Airbnb

Visit and click the “Experiences” button at the top of the homepage to check out Airbnb Experiences. Once you’ve inputted your destination, the app will allow you to search for experiences.

Alternatively, visit and peruse a few of the choices. If you have a stay coming up, like mine to Cartagena, Colombia, Airbnb can even suggest a few available Experiences. You may also browse through Experiences in well-known places like Los Angeles, New York, and Paris.

Tour websites and tourism boards probably don’t list the special chances that Airbnb Experiences have to offer. Bookings for events range from a private concert in Milan to a culinary class in Rome to a personal photography session in Tokyo, beyond the standard walking tour. You should be aware that when perusing all these fantastic alternatives, you can go down the Experiences rabbit hole.

My spouse and I, for instance, are quite thrilled with two Airbnb Experiences we discovered for our next vacation to Colombia. Our culinary tour takes around four hours to complete and includes seven stops where guests may sample local cuisine and beverages for $30 per person.

Looking for Airbnb Experiences

Enter your location and travel date(s) and explore the many alternatives available to you once you’ve crawled your way out of the browsing rabbit hole.

Suppose you are searching for activities to do in Mexico City the following month. The results of available tours, workshops, and day trips will immediately be sorted on a map that Airbnb Experiences will pull up, making it easy to see the rating and price of each Experience.

Whether you’re searching for a gourmet tour, an arts and cultural experience, a sporting event, or something outside, you may narrow down your search. Alternatively, simply scroll around the map to see how the results alter. You may also filter your results to ensure that they only show choices that are available for two or more tourists, establish price caps, choose a particular time of day, or confirm that your guide speaks the language you speak.

You can easily plan your next trip with the flexibility to filter and customize your search, just like you can with Airbnb properties.

Tips for Scheduling the Greatest Airbnb Experience

Note the following advice as you begin to select possibilities for your upcoming trip:

Notice what information is offered on the Airbnb Experience page. Ascertain what is included in the fee, the duration of the Experience, and the location of the event. You can read more about this experience, including information on your host and your activities.

  • Look over the most recent reviews, exactly like you would before reserving a house on Airbnb.
  • To give you an idea of what to expect from the Experience, Airbnb Experiences often include guest images.
  • Before you book, confirm that there is adequate space for your entire group: Be careful to look for four persons if you’re traveling in a company of four.
    Please make sure you have read the cancelation policy before making a reservation.

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