Flight Vouchers vs. Cash Refunds: Your Rights to Reimbursement or Voucher Compensation!

If your flight is canceled, you are eligible for reimbursement, a voucher, or compensation. Whether the flight is short-, medium-, or long-haul determines how much compensation you will receive. You can be compensated by the airline for the trouble and damages you have incurred if your flight is delayed or canceled. Some airlines offer vouchers for different flights; in that case, please make sure you fly within the voucher’s validity period and adhere to all of its terms and limitations. We cover all you need to know about flight coupons and refunds in this post.

Refund vs. Voucher

Refund or flight voucher: The following applies to everyone who does not desire a voucher: A complete refund of the airfare is what you are entitled to. Accepting travel vouchers instead of cash is entirely voluntary. In the event of a flight cancellation, customers can choose to get a refund of the ticket price or a new flight from the airline. Airlines, however, might provide their clients with a voucher instead of a refund in certain circumstances.

When travelers utilize a travel coupon to save money on future tickets with the same airline or other partner airlines, it may sometimes seem more appealing to them than a refund (repayment). Passengers should investigate whether using their flight vouchers to redeem discounts or submitting direct refund claims is preferable as certain airlines only provide a limited number of redemption choices. Consequently, before accepting the offer, it is crucial to discover the policies of a specific airline.

I received a voucher from the airline; do I have to accept it?

No, you don’t have to take the coupon. The EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation states that passengers are entitled to a refund of the flight ticket price. As a financial return is not reliant on any one airline or its partners, it provides greater freedom when it comes to organizing future travel than flight coupons do.

Additionally, travelers can utilize Flightright’s free compensation calculator to see if their airline is also eligible to pay them compensation in the range of EUR 250 to EUR 600. Generally speaking, it makes more sense to accept cash payments rather than vouchers for canceled flights.

Why do airlines provide coupons?

When there is a crisis, like the COVID-19 outbreak or potential bankruptcy, airlines try to reduce the cost of canceled flights as much as possible by offering flight vouchers as an alternative to cash refunds. In contrast to direct reimbursement, it saves airlines money, but passengers gain nothing from it. If a flight is canceled, customers are entitled, under the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation, to a complete cash return of the ticket price.

What benefit do airlines receive from flight vouchers?

As previously noted, to reduce expenses during emergencies—particularly in light of the COVID-19 epidemic and potential insolvencies—airlines provide flight vouchers rather than cash refunds. The benefits to airlines over full reimbursement are manifested in the form of substantially reduced monetary compensation.

Additionally, if passengers rebook or do not board their flights, they may be eligible for unused vouchers. Using vouchers can help save costs associated with refund collection. As a result, airlines can maintain profitability and revenue throughout a challenging period.

How can I refuse a voucher if that’s what I want?

Passengers who wish to refuse flight vouchers can request a monetary return from the airline and instruct them not to take the voucher. Airlines must reimburse passengers for their tickets in cash, via bank transfer, by check, or, with written permission, by voucher, according to the Air Passenger Rights Regulation.

Additionally, customers can utilize Flightright’s complimentary compensation calculator to bolster their claims for reimbursement against airlines in the event of flight cancellations or delays. As an alternative, you can speak with the airline directly to receive a reimbursement for the price of the ticket. This requires a lot of time, though, and most airlines don’t comply with these requests. For this reason, we suggest using the Flightright compensation calculator.

In what way do I get my refund?

1 Try it yourself: Being unable to contact the airline

Why is it that getting payment or reimbursement straight from airlines is so difficult? Getting refunds directly from the airline may be an extremely challenging and time-consuming process for travelers. Most of the time, a paper war involving the submission and processing of a large number of documents with the airline is necessary. To claim the reimbursement, the traveler must invest a significant amount of time and money.

Furthermore, airlines don’t always want to comply with requests for refunds. It is not acceptable to many travelers that they attempt to postpone them or keep offering vouchers as a substitute. The procedure is further complicated by the fact that all requests are typically handled by phone or email.

2: Flightright’s Reason? Goliath against David!

Travelers using Flightright can easily and quickly file a refund claim against the airline. Flightright makes financial claims against airlines under the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation. Refunds can be obtained without using flight vouchers, or coupons.

Passengers can assess their refund claim and recover their ticket prices in under two minutes without incurring any costs by using our free compensation calculator. Our support staff is always here to assist you if you need it.

When will my refund be available?

In Germany, after the end of the year in which the flight issue occurred, travelers (passengers) are eligible for reimbursement for a maximum of three years. The flight delay compensation deadline is subject to variations according to the country in which the claim is filed. Using the free compensation calculator offered by Flightright, you can easily and quickly have your compensation claims checked. Learn more about other EU nations’ deadlines for flight delay compensation.

What’s the turnaround time for my refund?

The airline and the specific refund claim have a major influence on how long it takes to secure a refund. Using the free compensation calculator offered by Flightright, travelers may quickly and easily verify their claims for reimbursement. Refund requests are typically handled by the airline between 4 to 8 weeks, after which the refund amount is disbursed in the event of a favorable decision.

Within two weeks, Flightright asks the airline for a refund of the cost of your ticket. We will file a promising claim in court if the airline refuses to refund you after we ask for payment. If we file a lawsuit on your behalf, the court action may take several months to resolve.

Is it still possible for me to send Flightright a rejected claim for reimbursement?

Yes, passengers using flightright.co.uk can also use this portal to file a rejected claim for reimbursement from the airline. With an emphasis on compensation claims, financial payment returns, and flight vouchers, Flightright provides support to clients seeking to enforce their rights under the EU Passenger Rights Regulation. Checking refund claims is easy and convenient with Flightright’s online compensation calculator.

Voucher vs. compensation

Travelers have the right (known as “air passenger rights”) to monetary compensation in the event of flight delays or cancellations in addition to the voucher for the trip. Depending on the length of the flight, this is governed under the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation and may total up to 600 euros. The amount of compensation payment is not contingent on the cost of the booked ticket; therefore, the compensation can exceed the cost of the airline ticket.

Though it’s wise to decline this offer right immediately, several airlines try to conceal this fact from their customers and instead give coupons. In addition to offering the additional benefit of no booking costs and no restrictions on travel dates or destinations, compensation frequently exceeds the amount stated in the travel voucher. This gives you greater financial and trip schedule flexibility, which is a distinct advantage over vouchers!

Reasons why accepting an airline voucher as payment is inappropriate

Purchasing an airplane ticket typically entails expecting the trip to run smoothly and a trouble-free return to your house after your vacation. However, some airlines may try to dissuade their customers from filing claims for compensation in the event of delays or even cancellations by offering them a voucher instead. But isn’t it reasonable to take a voucher as payment from the airline?

Warning: There are several ways to forfeit your right to reimbursement. When taking airline vouchers as payment, travelers should exercise caution. Only with the written consent of the airline passengers is reimbursement in the form of a travel voucher feasible. This is because their statutory right to compensation is forfeited if they accept them. Nonetheless, meal vouchers might be accepted amicably in the event of a delay because there is no modification to the right to reimbursement.

It’s important to remember, though, that you won’t receive reimbursement unless the airline is also to blame for the delay or cancellation. This is applicable, among other things, to personnel absences and technical issues.

When a flight is canceled, what are my rights and how much money may I get?

Passengers impacted by a flight delay (more than three hours), cancellation, or overbooking will receive reimbursement of up to €600, according to the EU Passenger Rights Regulation (EC) No 261/2004. This is only applicable, though, in situations where the airline is at blame for the postponement or cancellation.

The airline is typically not at fault, though, if the cancellation results from unforeseeable events like inclement weather or natural disasters and it has made all reasonable steps to promptly reschedule the passengers. Under some circumstances, however, travelers are entitled (under air passenger rights) to a monetary reimbursement of their ticket prices.

The airline is under no obligation to provide compensation for flight cancellations made more than 14 days in advance. However, in this instance, travelers are entitled to a voucher or a refund of their ticket price.

The airline is required to offer care services to passengers in the event of a flight cancellation in addition to payment or reimbursement. Meals, lodging, and transportation to and from the airport are a few examples of this. If aid is provided in the event of a flight cancellation, it is crucial to find out exactly what it entails and to make use of it.

The most crucial elements are: Reimbursement, reimbursement, or gift card

You are entitled to reimbursement if your flight is canceled. Air passengers are entitled to restitution, compensation, or even flight vouchers. The precise route and length of the flight often determine how much compensation is awarded. The EU Passenger Rights Regulation allows for compensation of up to €600, though individual airline rules may differ.

Should an unforeseen event force you to cancel your reservation, you are eligible for a complete reimbursement of the ticket cost. Even so, most airlines give their passengers the option of getting vouchers instead of cash, which they can use for more travel at a later time.

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