Frontier Airlines Announces Expansion of Summer Routes

Frontier Airlines, a prominent low-cost carrier in the United States, is set to shake up its summer schedule with the introduction of 17 new routes starting in May. This expansion reflects the airline’s strategic shift towards focusing on larger cities and competing directly with legacy carriers. Here’s a comprehensive overview of Frontier’s latest route additions and the impact they’re expected to have on the airline industry.

Expanding Route Network

Frontier Airlines has unveiled plans to add 17 new routes, spanning across various cities in the United States and extending to one destination in the Caribbean. This move underscores the carrier’s commitment to catering to underserved markets and offering ultra-low fares to consumers.

Strategic Shift

CEO Barry Biffle has indicated a strategic reallocation of resources from markets such as Las Vegas and Orlando, where there is perceived surplus capacity, towards expanding operations in cities like Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and Cleveland. Frontier aims to provide affordable travel options to a broader consumer base while directly challenging legacy carriers in key markets.

Key Destinations

Among the notable additions to Frontier’s summer schedule is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), where the airline will introduce flights to four destinations, including Grand Rapids, Islip, Norfolk, and Syracuse. Additionally, California’s Ontario International Airport (ONT) will see new routes connecting to significant hub airports and El Paso, Texas.

Competition and Pricing

Frontier’s expansion into competitive markets like Atlanta and Chicago brings direct competition with established carriers such as Delta Air Lines and United Airlines. To attract travelers, Frontier is offering introductory fares starting as low as $19 on both new and existing routes, providing consumers with affordable alternatives for air travel.


Frontier Airlines’ decision to expand its summer routes reflects a strategic evolution aimed at capturing market share in key cities and offering budget-friendly travel options to passengers. With a focus on underserved markets and competitive pricing, Frontier is poised to make a significant impact on the airline industry landscape in the upcoming summer season.

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