How Do I Proceed with Contacting Etihad Airways’ Supervisor?

Etihad Airways, a premier airline based in the UAE, stands out for its luxurious customer service and unparalleled flying experience. Whether booking flights or seeking assistance, passengers can rely on Etihad Airways’ exceptional customer service for a seamless journey. In this guide, we’ll explore the various ways passengers can connect with Etihad Airways’ customer service team for booking and inquiries.

Contacting Etihad Airways

Passengers have several avenues to reach out to Etihad Airways’ customer service, ensuring accessibility and prompt assistance. Here’s how you can connect with Etihad Airways:

Phone Number:

Dial Etihad Airways’ phone number at 1-802-427-9009 or +1 877 690 0767 to speak with a live person and receive immediate assistance. Follow the IVR instructions to navigate your inquiry and connect with a customer service representative.

Live Chat:

Access the live chat feature on the official Etihad Airways website ( to chat with a customer service representative in real-time. Simply select the “Talk to us” option under the “Help” tab and initiate a chat session to address your queries.

Social Media:

Connect with Etihad Airways via social media platforms such as Facebook ( and Twitter ( to receive updates, reviews, and assistance. Send messages or tweets to engage with the customer service team directly.

Feedback Form:

Share your travel experiences and submit inquiries or complaints through the feedback form available on the Etihad Airways website. Fill out the form with detailed information and expect a prompt response from the customer service team.


Contact Etihad Airways’ customer support via email by submitting the email form with your contact details and inquiries. Receive assistance and information directly to your inbox for added convenience.

Mobile App:

Download the Etihad Airways mobile app to access customer service support, flight booking, and the latest travel information on the go. Log in with your registered email to connect with Etihad Airways’ phone number for inquiries and assistance.


In conclusion, Etihad Airways offers multiple channels for passengers to connect with customer service support, ensuring round-the-clock assistance and a personalized travel experience. Whether through phone calls, live chat, social media, feedback forms, email, or the mobile app, passengers can rely on Etihad Airways’ exceptional customer service for a seamless journey from booking to arrival.

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