Effortless Flight Changes with Breeze Airways: A Comprehensive Guide

Breeze Airways offers passengers flexibility and convenience when it comes to modifying their travel plans. Whether you need to change your flight due to a scheduling conflict or unforeseen circumstances, Breeze Airways provides a seamless process for flight changes. Let’s explore the step-by-step procedure for changing flights with Breeze Airways and understand the airline’s flight change policy.

Introduction to Breeze Airways Flight Change

Breeze Airways prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering hassle-free flight change options to passengers. Whether through the official website, mobile app, or customer service, passengers can easily modify their bookings to accommodate changing travel needs.

1. Flight Change Procedure

Changing flights with Breeze Airways is straightforward and can be done via multiple channels:

  • Online Process: Passengers can visit the Breeze Airways official website or mobile app, access their booking details, and use the change button to make the required modifications. After selecting the desired alternative, passengers can pay any change fees and fare differences as applicable.
  • Phone Assistance: Passengers can call Breeze Airways customer service and speak to a representative to request flight changes. The agent will assist in modifying the booking, checking availability, and completing the change process over the phone.
  • Airport Assistance: Passengers can visit the ticket counter at the airport and request flight changes from a Breeze Airways representative. After confirming the desired modifications and paying any applicable fees, passengers will receive a confirmation email.

2. Flight Change Prices and Policy

Breeze Airways’ flight change policy includes the following provisions:

  • Free changes within 24 hours: Passengers can make changes to their bookings within 24 hours of purchase without incurring any fees.
  • Change fees: After the initial 24-hour window, Breeze Airways may charge a change fee ranging from $75 to $150, depending on factors such as route, destination, and fare conditions.
  • Fare differences: Passengers must pay any fare differences when changing to a more expensive ticket. However, if the new ticket is cheaper, passengers receive Breeze points for future use.
  • Flexibility for delays and cancellations: Breeze Airways allows free changes if a flight is delayed or canceled by more than two hours. Passengers can also make changes up to 15 minutes before departure, with the payment of fare differences.


Breeze Airways’ flexible flight change options empower passengers to adapt their travel plans to evolving circumstances with ease. By offering convenient online, phone, and airport assistance, Breeze Airways ensures a seamless flight change experience for its customers, reaffirming its commitment to customer satisfaction.

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