How Long Do AirTags Last and How to Change It!

Although they run on a single battery, AirTags are useful for keeping track of your possessions. For how long are AirTags valid? The frequency of use and the surroundings in which they are used are two important variables that affect the answer.

For regular use, defined as “four play sound events and one Precision Finding event per day,” Apple claims that the battery life of AirTags is “more than a year.” It means you can get more than a year’s worth of use out of the battery if you use your AirTag to play a sound four times and use Precision Finding once a day.

The battery may not last as long if you use your AirTag more frequently or if it is subjected to severe environments like extremely high or low temperatures. In this post, we’ll examine the lifespan of AirTags in more detail, including how to replace them, check their battery level, and offer tips for extending their life.

How Long Do AirTags Last?

How Long Do AirTags Last

With typical use, Apple claims that the replacement CR2032 battery used in AirTags should last for around a year. But a lot of things will affect how long an AirTag’s battery lasts, such as:

  • The frequency of use of the AirTag
  • The purpose type (for instance, tracking a bag versus a pet)
  • The usage environment of the AirTag (such as extremely high or low humidity)

AirTag Battery Life-Relating Factors

Use Frequency: Your AirTag’s battery will run out faster the more you use it. The battery will discharge more quickly, for instance, if you use Precision Finding to find your AirTag regularly as opposed to infrequently to see where it is located on a map.

Distance From Other Apple Devices: The more Apple devices your AirTag is close to, the less power it will consume as AirTags connect with them over Bluetooth. Your AirTag’s battery will run out faster if it is frequently kept far from other Apple products.

Circumstances: The battery life of your AirTag may also be shortened by extreme temperatures, such as those that are extremely hot or cold.

How Can You Determine Your AirTag’s Battery Life?

Use these steps to see how long your AirTag’s battery is supposed to last:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Find My app.
  2. Go to the Items tab.
  3. Choose the AirTag that you wish to verify the battery life of.
  4. The AirTag’s name will appear with its battery level shown beneath it.

When Should Your AirTag’s Battery Be Replaced?

How Long Do AirTags Last

Your iPhone or iPad will notify you when the battery life of your AirTag is about to run low. If the battery runs entirely out of power, you will also be notified. You will need a CR2032 battery to change the battery in your AirTag. Most electronics stores and internet merchants carry these batteries. To swap out the battery, do the following:

  • The AirTag can be taken off by applying pressure to its stainless steel cover and rotating it counterclockwise.
  • Take the outdated CR2032 battery out.
  • Make sure the battery’s positive side is facing up when you insert a new CR2032 battery.
  • To secure the stainless steel cover, replace it and twist it clockwise.

How Can the Airtag’s Battery Life Be Extended?

Here are some pointers for making your AirTag’s battery last longer.

  • Items that are regularly subjected to high humidity or temperatures should not have your AirTag attached to them.
  • Turning off your AirTag can help you conserve battery life if you know you won’t be using it for a long. To disable an AirTag, launch the Find My app, select the Items tab, tap the AirTag you wish to disable, and then tap Turn Off.
  • Compared to standard Airtag finding, the precision finding may use more battery. Turn off the precision locating setting for the “Find My” app to reduce usage. This will increase the AirTag’s battery life, but accuracy will suffer as a result.

Troubleshooting AirTag Battery Problems

You can attempt the following solutions if your AirTag’s battery isn’t working properly:

  • Check to make sure the battery is inserted properly.
  • Give your iPad or iPhone a restart.
  • Try wiping your AirTag off and then re-pairing it.
  • Get in touch with Apple support if you’re still experiencing issues.
How Long Do AirTags Last

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With an amazing average battery life of up to two years, AirTags provides a practical alternative for tracking your belongings. You may enjoy continuous tracking and increase the life of your AirTag’s battery by adhering to a few easy instructions. It’s important to keep in mind that changing the battery in your AirTag is an easy procedure that can prolong its useful life.

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