Methods for Changing the Name on a United Airlines Ticket

United Airlines understands that mistakes happen, and passengers may need to modify their names on flight bookings due to various reasons, such as typographical errors or legal considerations. To simplify the name change process and ensure accuracy, United Airlines has implemented a comprehensive name change policy that allows passengers to rectify errors or update their names as needed.

Understanding United Airlines’ Name Change Policy

United Airlines’ name change policy outlines the procedures and requirements for passengers wishing to modify their names on flight bookings:

  1. Eligibility Criteria: Passengers may request a name change if their flight is operated by United Airlines and meets certain inventory and ticketing criteria.
  2. Timing Restrictions: Name change requests must be made before completing the check-in process, and only one ticket reissue is permitted for name alterations.
  3. Documentation Requirements: Passengers must provide valid documentation to support name changes, such as a government-issued photo ID, passport, marriage certificate, or court order.
  4. Online and Offline Options: Name change requests can be submitted online through the United Airlines website or offline by contacting United Airlines customer service or visiting the nearest airport.

Process for Requesting a Name Change with United Airlines

Passengers can follow these steps to request a name change with United Airlines:

  1. Online Name Correction: Access the United Airlines website, navigate to the “My Trips” section, and select the option for name correction. Provide the accurate name and necessary documentation, then proceed to pay any applicable fees.
  2. Phone Assistance: Contact United Airlines customer service to speak with a representative who can assist with the name change process. Be prepared to provide relevant details and documentation to support the request.
  3. Airport Assistance: For passengers who prefer in-person assistance, visit the nearest airport and speak with a United Airlines representative. Ensure that the name change request is made at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Benefits of United Airlines’ Name Change Policy

United Airlines’ name change policy offers several benefits to passengers:

  1. Accuracy and Compliance: Ensures that passenger names on flight bookings are accurate and comply with government-issued identification requirements.
  2. Flexibility: Allows passengers to correct minor errors or update their names due to legal considerations, such as marriage or divorce, providing flexibility and convenience.
  3. Ease of Process: Streamlines the name change process with online and offline options, making it convenient for passengers to update their information as needed.
  4. Timely Assistance: Provides prompt assistance and support from United Airlines representatives, both online and offline, to facilitate name change requests efficiently.


In conclusion, United Airlines’ name change policy simplifies the process of modifying passenger names on flight bookings, ensuring accuracy and compliance with identification requirements. Whether correcting minor errors or updating names due to legal considerations, passengers can rely on United Airlines’ streamlined procedures and helpful customer service to facilitate smooth and hassle-free name changes. By following the guidelines and providing the necessary documentation, passengers can quickly update their information and focus on enjoying their travel experience with United Airlines.

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