The Best Way to Find Cheap Flights in 2024!

The comprehensive manual answers any question you may have about finding inexpensive flights. Travel expenses don’t always have to be the largest expense when arranging a trip, especially with flying costs rising sharply these days. You can reduce the average cost of your flights by 50% or more by utilizing certain money-saving techniques, adopting the appropriate equipment, and maintaining the appropriate mindset. You don’t need to be an expert to find reasonably priced travel.

But you need the correct information to accomplish it. Many false recommendations exist for the best ways to locate discounted flights and low-cost tickets. Finding cheap airfare might be confusing, so it’s difficult to know what to do. How can one find flights at a discount?

We have compiled a list of our top recommendations for finding inexpensive airline tickets because we recognize how difficult it may be. Here is what it comes down to, albeit there is a lot to digest.

1. Dismiss the Myths About Cheap Flights

Everybody searching for a good bargain on airfare has come across a good number of fallacies regarding how to find low-cost tickets. When it comes to money, there’s no shortage of “experts” or influencers who peddle false information. If you genuinely want to book flights for less, you need to dispel some of the most prevalent falsehoods that you’ve probably heard (or maybe even believe yourself).

Myth: “Cheap flights are best found on Tuesdays”

“Does Tuesday have lower flight prices?” We’re certain you’ve heard it. Perhaps you’ve even stayed up late into the morning in an attempt to find a deal. Remain confident; you are not isolated. The widespread belief that airlines provide their best and cheapest tickets on Tuesdays has been solidified by reports from friends, coworkers, alleged studies, and even major magazines. However, the advice to discover less expensive flights to any destination is, in fact, incorrect. We apologize, but there isn’t a foolproof ideal day to get tickets to get a lower price.

It’s time to dispel the idea that Tuesdays are the best day to discover cheap flights. Every day of the week, there are excellent deals on flights. Furthermore, the main focus of popular travel days like Travel Tuesday, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday is marketing rather than actual savings.

It’s convenient to believe that by looking at a particular day, you’ll find cheap airfare, but that’s just not true. The cost of flights varies frequently. Every hour, airlines load new tickets, and at any given time, they might change the number of flights that are available at a certain price. We regret to inform you that it is difficult to forecast when the best deals on the flights you desire will become available.

Moreover, airlines never publicize their lowest, best-value tickets. Thus, by taking advantage of a Black Friday deal or using an airline promo code, you’re unlikely to find an insanely low fare or a drastically discounted flash sale to Europe or the Caribbean.

2. Book Your Flights in Advance & Keep Your Plans Flexible

Select a location, choose your dates, reserve your flights, and then head out are all part of a well-known travel itinerary. The only issue is that the procedure is expensive for you. The most expensive travel mistake you can make is not arranging your dates well enough when purchasing your flights; this may easily cost you hundreds of dollars. It’s time to end the pattern. We refer to this as The Flight First Rule, and it will help you achieve this.

Instead of following the script, begin by looking for flights and allowing the pricing to lead you to the most affordable dates. If your trip schedule is flexible, even a small shift in your probable travel dates can result in significant airfare savings. Google Flights, for instance, will notify you when changing your travel dates by just one or two days will save you a significant amount of money. You might not be able to benefit if you have already made hotel reservations.

3. Direct Flights May Cost More Money than Time

Repeat after us: Being flexible is essential. Additionally, it might go beyond simply changing your dates and locations if you’re looking to save a lot of money. You can save even more money by being adaptable with your route.

We understand that you want to go nonstop whenever you can. And so do we. As perverse as it may sound, there are instances when making an additional stop on route to your ultimate destination might result in savings so significant that it justifies the extra travel time, particularly when traveling across an ocean.

Here’s an example of using this strategy to find inexpensive flights: Assume that the cost of a nonstop ticket from Chicago’s O’Hare (ORD) to Paris’ Charles de Gaulle (CDG) is at least $950. If you broaden your search to include one-stop flights, however, you will discover tickets to Paris for $430 that stop in Reykjavik (KEF).

4. Select the Best Time to Travel to Get Cheaper Flights

Time is a major factor in getting a decent deal on flights. Furthermore, it frequently has more to do with when you board the aircraft than it does with when you purchase your tickets. Taking advantage of the lowest travel days is crucial. ake advantage of the savings by booking flights on off-peak days like Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Sundays, Mondays, and Fridays are the busiest travel days, so try to avoid them.

August through September is your best friend during the shoulder season, which runs from May through June. In addition to around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, prices are also significantly higher during the height of summer.

Would you like to alter your Thanksgiving schedule? Turkey Day offers fantastic savings on foreign travel. It’s best to make reservations as soon as possible! Contrary to popular belief, last-minute flights are mostly discontinued. It is always best to make reservations at least 30 to 45 days in advance. Plan much more in advance for overseas travel.

5. Register for Notifications on Low-Cost Flights and Airfares

How quickly can I find a cheap flight? Most individuals don’t have all day, every day, to look for unannounced flash promotions, mistake pricing, and hidden flight deals.

Indeed, we do. And you’re covered by us. Get some of the greatest domestic and international airline discounts we find every day delivered straight to your email by signing up for Thrifty Traveler airline discounts. You can even select the airport or airports from which you want to get airline deals. It’s free.

After registering for free flight notifications, you might want to receive 90% more flight deals. In addition to business and first-class bargains customized to your home airport so you only view the travel deals from your hometown, premium members receive reward alerts to redeem points and miles as well as local and worldwide discounts.

6. Launch Your Search Using Google Flights, Your Best Friend

Dozens of websites exist that guarantee to assist you in locating inexpensive flights. Put an end to them all and use Google Flights for your initial search. We use Google Flights daily to discover cheap flights, and it’s without a doubt the greatest flight bargain search engine available! Google Flights is the best place to start any searches for affordable flights. Other search engines just don’t have as many of its potent features.

Don’t worry if you’ve never used Google Flights before. We’re pleased to offer our knowledge on finding affordable plane tickets. If you couldn’t tell before, we have written about almost every tool and feature it offers since we are a little bit fascinated with it.

7. Utilize the Best Tools for Flight Search Engines

What is an OTA, you may be asking yourself? You are not by yourself. Online Travel Agency is what OTA stands for. Consider Priceline, Expedia, KAYAK, Orbitz, and numerous other sites. OTAs are the companies behind some of the most widely used websites and mobile apps for locating less expensive flights.

Travelers can purchase tickets from these websites, sometimes at a markup and sometimes even at a lower price than what is offered by the airlines directly. And then there are still more well-known websites that serve as OTAs of OTAs, such as Momondo and Skyscanner. The cheapest flight offers from numerous tiny online travel businesses are combined by them.

8. Benefit from the 24-Hour Airline Rule

You can afford to be impetuous because of the 24-hour cancelation policy. If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, the U.S. government has a federal rule requiring airlines to give you a full, 100% refund for any aircraft that touches U.S. territory. You’re covered whether your flight originates or ends in the United States, regardless of whether you’re flying with a domestic airline like American or Delta or a foreign airline like Lufthansa or Copa.

It’s vital to remember the following significant exceptions to this rule:

  • Airlines are required by U.S. regulations to provide either a 24-hour refund policy or the ability to lock or reserve a flight at the current price, but not both.
  • Airlines are only required to provide a free cancellation window for flights booked at least seven days before departure, so it might not function at the last minute.
  • The 24-hour guideline is adhered to by some of the larger online travel agents (OTAs), such as Expedia, while many smaller websites do not.

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