A Guide to Transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to Airlines

The flexibility of the Chase Ultimate Rewards® program, which allows you to transfer your points to numerous hotel and airline partners, is available to you when you use a Chase travel credit card. Do you want to send your trip companions Chase points? It can help you get the most out of your credit card points and is simple to accomplish.

The worth of points earned through Chase

Chase Ultimate Rewards® points are useful, but it’s important to utilize them wisely. For instance, it’s not the best idea to exchange points for cash back. In this approach, a point is worth only one cent. Using the Chase Ultimate Rewards® portal to redeem points for travel can be a wise choice. However, depending on the card you have, the value you receive will change. If you possess the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, for instance, you will receive a value of 1.25 cents for each point.

If you own a Chase Sapphire Reserve®, you can redeem your points for 1.50 cents each. Even more value could be obtained by transferring points to a travel transfer partner. Which transfer partner you choose and how you use your points will determine the precise value. NerdWallet calculates that the value can reach up to 2.2 cents per point using this strategy.

Method for transferring Chase points

It’s easy to transfer your Chase points to hotel and airline partners. Points can be transferred through the Chase website or mobile app.

1. Open your account and navigate to the Chase Ultimate Rewards® portal

You should log into your account first. Locate the “Rewards” section once you’ve logged in. Clicking on this will allow you to enter the Chase Ultimate Rewards® portal. After doing this, a page with numerous options for earning and using your points will be displayed to you.

2. Go to the portal’s ‘Transfer to Travel Partners’ area

There are two methods that you can get to this area. The first method is to click the arrow next to the top menu bar display where your total points are shown. An additional menu with several options will appear when you click on this arrow. “Transfer to Travel Partners” should be clicked.

Alternatively, you may also reach this section by selecting the three lines located in the upper left menu bar. A separate side menu bar will appear on the left side of your screen when you do this. “Earn/Use” choices, such as “Transfer to Travel Partners,” are located beneath your credit cards. Please click here to start the transfer process.

3. Choose a transfer partner

You can see the transfer choices now. Chase displays its airline partners first. There are additional airline options as you continue down, followed by hotel alternatives:

4. Transfer your Chase Points

When you’re prepared to transfer, select your preferred transfer partner and click “Transfer Points.” We’ll demonstrate the procedure using Southwest Airlines as an example. Chase will prompt you to select the beneficiary. Any authorized user or cardholder may designate a recipient for your credit card account. Details about your loyalty account will then need to be provided. Click “Continue” once you’ve verified this information.

The number of points you wish to transfer must then be entered. Recall that transferring at least 1,000 points is required. Make sure you are shifting the appropriate number of points because all point transfers are final and cannot be undone. Click “Continue” once you’ve finished.

5. Verify and Submit

You can then transfer your points by clicking “Confirm & Submit” once Chase asks you to validate the transfer’s specifics. Transfers may occur at different times. Certain transfers appear in your account immediately, while others could take a few hours or days.

Consider things before transferring Chase points

You could be considering your options for using your Chase Ultimate Rewards® points. You should consider your alternatives carefully initially because there are a lot of redemption options. You can use the following advice to determine how to make the most use of your Chase points:

Choose your journey route and mode of transportation. Make your travel itinerary before deciding how to use your points most effectively. You must have a plan for both your destination and mode of transportation. For example, decide if you want to fly business class or coach. Having a plan will assist you in choosing the best path of action.

Compute the total to get the most out of your points. Find out which redemption option has the most value before using points for it. For instance, it could be preferable to book your vacation through the Chase Ultimate Rewards® platform if you can obtain greater value by transferring your points to a partner. Choose the approach that will cost you the fewest points.

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