Elevate Your Air Canada Experience: A Guide to Premium Seat Upgrades

Air Canada, a leading airline renowned for its commitment to customer satisfaction, offers passengers multiple avenues to upgrade their travel experience to a higher class. Whether through bid upgrades, eUpgrade credits, or last-minute opportunities, passengers can enhance their journey with Air Canada by accessing premium seat options. This guide provides a detailed overview of Air Canada’s upgrade programs, empowering passengers to unlock premium travel experiences.

AC Bid Upgrade

Air Canada’s AC Bid Upgrade system enables passengers to bid on potential upgrades from economy to premium economy or business class, offering a personalized approach to securing premium seats. By submitting bids with cash or Aeroplan Points, passengers can increase their chances of enjoying enhanced comfort and luxury during their flight.

Rewarding Loyalty with Premium Experiences

For Aeroplan Elite Status members, eUpgrade credits serve as a valuable currency for securing upgrades on flights operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada Express. With a tiered clearance window based on membership status, passengers can utilize eUpgrade credits to elevate their travel experience and enjoy the perks of premium classes.

Last-Minute Upgrade Opportunities

Air Canada also offers passengers the opportunity to purchase last-minute upgrades to premium economy or business class seats, providing access to priority services and exclusive amenities. By monitoring their booking details and exploring upgrade options during the check-in process, passengers can seize last-minute opportunities to enhance their journey with Air Canada.


In conclusion, Air Canada’s commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in its diverse range of upgrade options, designed to cater to the preferences and needs of every passenger. By leveraging bid upgrades, eUpgrade credits, or last-minute opportunities, passengers can elevate their Air Canada experience and enjoy the benefits of premium travel amenities and services.

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