How to Make New Flight Reservations with Delta eCredits and Vouchers?

Do you have airline credit or a coupon but are unsure how to use it? You’re not alone, we assure you. Delta eCredits worth billions of dollars is accumulated by hundreds of thousands of travelers.

In the past few years, COVID-19 has caused travel plans to be upended, leading to a record number of travelers nationwide canceling trips. However, tourists didn’t just lose their money when they decided not to fly because of the extraordinary flexibility airlines provided for the majority of the pandemic, including free change or cancellation on many flights.

Rather, they received vouchers that can be used for travel in the future and are valid for a year or even longer. Nearly all eCredits have been extended by Delta for use through 2024, giving consumers even more time to utilize them! But things aren’t always so simple when it comes time to use those vouchers or eCredits to plan another vacation. This is an overview of Delta eCredits’ usage.

How Delta’s Cancellation & Change Policy Operates

With its accommodating cancellation and ticket change procedures, Delta set the standard for most of the pandemic. You have choices, whether you had to postpone your trip due to unforeseen circumstances or had to cancel a flight during the spring or summer. And even now, that adaptability is maintained.

Depending on the type of ticket you have and when you bought it, these are Delta’s change and cancellation policies:

  • Even for Delta’s basic economy pricing, tickets bought before April 30, 2021, are subject to free changes or cancellations.
  • Basic economy fares will be penalized between $99 and $199 starting in 2022 to receive an eCredit for flight cancellations.
  • Purchase a main cabin economy ticket or a better one? Following the airlines’ complete elimination of change fees last year, you are free to modify or cancel such Delta tickets.
  • Most eCredits should now be good for a year after the date you first purchased your ticket.

If you have a main class fare or higher, you will not be charged change costs while changing flights. You will be responsible for the difference if you want to switch to a more costly flight. Switch to an affordable flight? The difference will be returned to you as a new Delta eCredit. Should the flight be completely canceled? A coupon or eCredit will be given to you.

How to Locate Your Coupons & eCredits for Delta

Fortunately, locating your Delta eCredits ought to be simple. In most cases, these eCredits appear in your account much sooner than 24 hours after a flight is canceled. It is important to note that Delta usually issues individual eCredits to all passengers on the reservation, as opposed to providing a single, sizable eCredit to the person who made the original flight reservations. Therefore, finding all of the eCredits from a trip can take some effort, particularly if a family vacation was canceled.

You’re in luck if your canceled flight was purchased with your Delta SkyMiles account. Your Delta profile’s “Certificates, Vouchers & eCredits” section will display any vouchers and eCredits that you have. To access that field, log into your Delta account, go to your profile, or click this link to view your certifications. This is best done on a desktop or laptop, not on a mobile device.

How to Use Coupons and eCredits from Delta

The process of redeeming Delta eCredits has gotten a lot simpler in recent years. You should be able to choose to pay using eCredits when you’ve chosen your flights and are prepared to check out, provided that you’re signed into your SkyMiles account and your eCredits are saved there. Even better, you can now use as many as five eCredits simultaneously with Delta. The previous standard for years was a maximum of three, so that’s an increase.

To access your available eCredits, simply click the “Use eCredits” button under the payment area. When you choose the credit or credits you wish to use against your flight, it will begin to operate immediately. You’ll just need to pay the difference if your flight costs more. If the difference is less, Delta will give you a fresh credit.

To access your certificates and eCredits wallet, return to your profile. Alternatively, log in to your account and visit You’ll see your usual list of current eCredits there. Click “Continue” after selecting the eCredit or credits you wish to redeem and scrolling down.

How to Use Delta eCredits to Make Reservations for Many People

Want to use all those eCredits to reschedule a trip you and your family can’t seem to agree on? Don’t worry, you can succeed. It is also not necessary for you to reserve your tickets one at a time.

First, return to and choose the eCredit or eCredits you wish to apply. However, make sure to choose the number of persons you are looking for when you get to the flight search engine this time. Are you trying to arrange a trip with your partner or spouse? Look for two travelers. four-person family? Find four.

Choose your flights from there as you would normally do. Enter each passenger’s details, including their SkyMiles account number, after you’ve selected your flights. Next, click “Use eCredits” when you get to the payment screen. This time, you’ll have the choice to apply eCredits to every passenger on the booking.

If fortune favors you, Delta will endeavor to get your friends’ available eCredits automatically. Should that be the case, you will have to manually input your companions’ 13-digit eCredit numbers and verify their names. As a result, you will have to retrieve the eCredits of each extra traveler separately and either copy or write them down beforehand. Each passenger may use a maximum of five eCredits.

Once everything is in, select “add eCredit,” and then apply them. Once you’ve completed the procedure for each passenger on your reservation, the eCredits will start to apply and cover their ticket costs. Simply checkout as usual after that. Although a little challenging, it is achievable. Furthermore, it’s far superior to purchasing each ticket separately.

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