A Comprehensive Guide to Long-Haul Business Class Seats

Long-haul air travel has witnessed a remarkable evolution in the comfort and luxury provided to business-class passengers. From basic recliner seats to sophisticated lie-flat configurations, airlines have been continuously innovating to enhance the passenger experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the diverse array of long-haul business class seats available in the market, analyzing their features, pros, and cons.

Rockwell Collins Diamond Seat


The Rockwell Collins Diamond Seat is a stalwart in the realm of long-haul business-class seating. Featuring a 2-2-2 configuration (777, 787, A350) and a forward-facing design, it offers 180-degree lie-flat capability. However, its lack of privacy, narrow footwell, and limited storage space are notable drawbacks. Despite these limitations, it remains a popular choice for several airlines including United Airlines, American Airlines, and Qatar Airways.

Rockwell Collins Super Diamond Seat

The Rockwell Collins Super Diamond Seat emerges as a standout option in the realm of business-class seating. Its 1-2-1 configuration (777, 787, A380, A350) and reverse herringbone layout provide ample personal space and privacy. With features like all-aisle access and spacious storage areas, it has garnered praise from passengers. Airlines such as Qatar Airways, American Airlines, and British Airways have adopted this seat model, elevating the in-flight experience for travelers.

Thompson Vantage


The Thompson Vantage seat offers a compelling blend of comfort and functionality. Available in staggered configurations, it boasts fully lie-flat capabilities and throne seats for enhanced personal space. Despite some limitations in aisle access for certain window seats, it remains a popular choice for airlines like Aer Lingus, Brussels Airlines, and Delta Air Lines.

Thompson Vantage XL

The Thompson Vantage XL represents a refinement of the staggered seating concept, offering enhanced personal space and privacy. With options for closed doors on select configurations, it provides passengers with a premium in-flight experience. Airlines such as SAS, Qantas, and Delta Air Lines have embraced this seat model, catering to the discerning preferences of modern travelers.

Zodiac (Now Safran) Cirrus


The Safran Cirrus seat exemplifies sophistication and comfort with its reverse herringbone layout and ample storage options. While its entertainment screen arrangement may vary, it offers all-aisle access and fully lie-flat capabilities. Airlines like Cathay Pacific, Air France, and American Airlines have adopted this seat model, ensuring a premium travel experience for their passengers.

Zodiac (Now Safran) Aura

The Safran Aura seat presents a balance between comfort and functionality, albeit with some limitations in privacy and storage. Its forward-facing configuration and fully lie-flat design cater to the needs of long-haul travelers. Despite constraints in aisle access and privacy, airlines such as Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and LOT Polish Airlines have integrated this seat into their business class offerings.

Stelia Solstys


The Stelia Solstys seat offers a versatile seating arrangement with its staggered configuration and fully lie-flat design. While providing ample personal space and storage, it may exhibit variations in privacy depending on seat placement. Airlines like Hong Kong Airlines, Etihad Airways, and Singapore Airlines have adopted this seat model, offering passengers a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

B/E Aerospace Minipod

The B/E Aerospace Minipod seat, although discontinued, remains a notable presence in the realm of business class seating. With configurations ranging from slightly angled to fully flat, it offers varying levels of comfort and functionality. Airlines such as Korean Air, Qantas, and Emirates have utilized this seat model, albeit with modifications to enhance passenger experience.

Apex (Now Serenity) Suites


The Rockwell Collins Apex Suites redefine luxury with their staggered configuration and emphasis on privacy. Offering all-aisle access and ample storage options, they provide passengers with a premium travel experience. Korean Air, Japan Airlines, and Oman Air are among the airlines that have embraced this seat model, catering to the evolving needs of modern travelers.


The landscape of long-haul business-class seating is characterized by diversity and innovation, with airlines constantly striving to enhance passenger comfort and satisfaction. From the traditional forward-facing designs to the more modern staggered configurations, each seat model offers unique features and advantages. As air travel continues to evolve, passengers can look forward to even greater levels of luxury and convenience in the business class cabin.

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