Qatar Airways Eliminates Social Media Restrictions for Crew Members

After nearly three decades under the leadership of Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways is undergoing significant changes as Badr Mohammed Al Meer takes the helm as the new CEO. Al Meer, formerly the Chief Operations Officer at Doha’s Hamad International Airport, brings with him a fresh perspective and a vision distinct from his predecessor.

Transition of Power

On November 5, 2023, Al Baker handed over control to Al Meer, who expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve under Al Baker’s guidance for many years. Al Meer’s transition from a key position within the Qatar Airways Group to the CEO role marks the beginning of a new era for the airline.

A New Direction

Al Meer’s leadership promises a cultural shift within Qatar Airways, emphasizing trust and empowerment among its staff as foundational elements for collective success. Despite initial skepticism regarding the likelihood of meaningful change, Al Meer has wasted no time in implementing alterations, starting with the removal of the nighttime curfew for cabin crew and revising the company’s social media policy.

Policy Changes Regarding Social Media

Qatar Airways has long been known for its stringent rules regarding cabin crew conduct on social media platforms, prohibiting the posting of uniformed photos under the threat of termination. However, under Al Meer’s leadership, the airline has relaxed these restrictions, allowing cabin crew members to share uniformed photos on social media without fear of disciplinary action.

Previous Attempts and Repercussions

While this relaxation of rules may seem unprecedented, a similar adjustment was made in 2016 but was quickly rescinded following an incident where a male crew member posted a controversial photo. This incident led to the reinstatement of the ban on uniformed photo postings. However, Al Meer’s administration appears determined to maintain these recent policy changes.

Comparison with Other Airlines

The shift in Qatar Airways’ social media policy brings it more in line with practices at other airlines such as Emirates and Etihad, which actively encourage employees to share photos within company guidelines as a form of marketing. Al Meer’s decisive actions underscore his commitment to fostering a more inclusive and flexible work environment at Qatar Airways.

Future Implications

As Qatar Airways continues to adapt under Al Meer’s leadership, the onus falls on cabin crew members to navigate these new guidelines responsibly to ensure their longevity and effectiveness.

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