The World’s Safest Airlines: A Comprehensive Analysis

Commercial aviation stands as a pinnacle of safety in modern transportation, with rigorous standards and regulations ensuring passenger security. Despite this overarching safety, disparities exist among airlines regarding their safety records. Every year, compiles a list of the safest airlines globally, considering various factors such as crash history, incidents, regulatory audits, fleet age, and pilot training. In 2023, the following carriers emerged as the top 10 safest airlines:

Air New Zealand

Established in 1940, Air New Zealand boasts a stellar safety culture and an impeccable record serving approximately 17 million passengers annually across a global network.


As Australia’s largest airline, Qantas, founded in 1920, holds a renowned reputation for safety, having not experienced any fatal or hull-loss accidents in the modern jet era.

Virgin Australia

Originating as Virgin Blue in 2000, Virgin Australia, part of the Virgin Group, has transitioned into a full-service carrier without encountering any fatal accidents since its inception.

Etihad Airways


Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways, operational since 2003, has maintained a perfect safety record while flying passengers across more than 120 destinations worldwide.

Qatar Airways

Since its launch in 1997, Qatar Airways has achieved numerous accolades, including a 5-star rating by Skytrax, all while demonstrating strong safety and security performance.



Established in 1985, Emirates, the national carrier of Dubai, operates one of the largest all-wide-body aircraft fleets globally, with an impressive safety record spanning 35 years.

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

Japan’s largest domestic carrier, ANA, founded in 1952, has expanded its operations internationally while maintaining a spotless safety record since 1971.



Among the world’s oldest airlines, Finnair, founded in 1923, is renowned for its extensive pilot training and maintenance programs, with no fatal accidents in the modern jet era.

Cathay Pacific

Originating from post-war China in 1946, Cathay Pacific serves over 90 destinations globally without encountering any significant incidents in recent decades.

Alaska Airlines


Acquiring Virgin America in 2016, Alaska Airlines, the 5th largest US carrier, operates a vast network with a focus on safety, despite a recent midair emergency attributed to a Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft.

While these airlines have demonstrated exemplary safety records, incidents such as the aforementioned midair emergency with Alaska Airlines highlight the dynamic nature of aviation safety. Nonetheless, these carriers continue to prioritize safety through stringent measures, advanced training, and technological advancements, ensuring passengers can confidently travel the skies.

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