Air India and Vistara Merger Receives Approval from Singapore Competition

Air India and Vistara’s long-awaited merger has taken a significant step forward with the approval from Singapore’s competition watchdog, clearing a major hurdle for the consolidation of the two airlines. This milestone underscores the progress towards the unification of their operations, slated to occur shortly.

Regulatory Approval

The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) has granted its consent for the merger between Air India and Vistara, signaling a pivotal development in the consolidation process. With the Tata Group holding full ownership of Air India and a majority stake in Vistara, and Singapore Airlines maintaining a significant share in the latter, the regulatory approval paves the way for the restructuring of ownership in the merged entity.

Stakeholder Distribution

Upon completion of the merger, the Tata Group is poised to hold a 74.9% stake in the amalgamated airline, while Singapore Airlines will retain a 25.1% ownership interest. This realignment of ownership reflects the strategic partnership between the Tata Group and Singapore Airlines, aimed at leveraging synergies and enhancing competitiveness in the aviation market.

Conditional Approval

Despite the approval, the CCCS has imposed certain conditions to address competition concerns arising from the consolidation. Notably, the regulatory body expressed reservations regarding the potential market dominance of Air India, Vistara, and Singapore Airlines in key routes, particularly those connecting India and Singapore.

Compliance Measures

In response to regulatory concerns, the entities involved in the merger have proposed measures to mitigate the risk of anti-competitive practices. These include commitments to maintain capacity levels on specific routes at pre-defined thresholds and appointing independent auditors to monitor compliance with these commitments. Additionally, periodic reporting mechanisms have been established to ensure transparency and accountability in adhering to regulatory requirements.


The approval from Singapore’s competition watchdog marks a significant milestone in the journey towards the merger of Air India and Vistara. As the two airlines move closer to integration, stakeholders anticipate the realization of synergies, enhanced operational efficiency, and strengthened market positioning. With regulatory hurdles being addressed, the focus now shifts towards the seamless execution of the merger process, heralding a new chapter in the evolution of India’s aviation industry.

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