SkyWest Airlines Expands Fleet to Serve United Airlines

SkyWest Airlines has entered into a significant agreement with United Airlines, solidifying its position as a leading regional airline in the United States. Let’s delve into the details of this partnership and its implications.


SkyWest Airlines, a prominent regional carrier, has announced a major expansion of its fleet to serve United Airlines. This development underscores the growing demand for regional air travel and the strengthening partnership between the two airlines.

Expanding Fleet

Under the new agreement, SkyWest Airlines will operate an additional 20 Embraer E175 aircraft on behalf of United Airlines. These 70-seat aircraft will operate under the United Express brand, complementing the existing fleet and enhancing capacity on key routes.

Partnership Details

The agreement between SkyWest Airlines and United Airlines spans four years, reflecting a long-term commitment to providing reliable regional air service. This partnership allows United Express to leverage SkyWest Airlines’ extensive route network and operational expertise.

CEO’s Statement

Chip Childs, President and CEO of SkyWest Airlines, expressed enthusiasm for the agreement, highlighting the carrier’s dedication to meeting market demand and strengthening its partnership with United Airlines.

Route Network

SkyWest Airlines operates over 800 flights per day for United Express, serving a diverse range of destinations across the United States. The carrier’s extensive route network, supplemented by subsidies from the Essential Air Service program, ensures connectivity to underserved communities.

Market Leadership

With 38.6 million passengers flown last year, SkyWest Airlines stands as the largest regional airline in the United States by passengers carried. The carrier’s expansive fleet and extensive network position it as a leader in the regional aviation industry.

Fleet Growth Projection

SkyWest Airlines currently operates a fleet of 535 aircraft, including 237 E175s, making it the largest operator of this aircraft type. The carrier aims to expand its fleet of E175s to 278 aircraft by the end of 2026, further solidifying its market position.

Embraer E175

The Embraer E175, introduced in 2005, has emerged as a popular choice for regional operations worldwide. With over 740 deliveries to date and a robust order backlog, the E175 continues to be a cornerstone of regional airline fleets.


The expansion of SkyWest Airlines’ fleet to serve United Airlines underscores the importance of regional connectivity in the aviation industry. This strategic partnership not only benefits both airlines but also enhances access to air travel for passengers across the United States.

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