The Best Things To Do in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix has always been my first choice when people ask where I like to travel in the winter months when it’s snowing. I’m not retired, either.

From my city and many other locations across the nation, Phoenix is always a cheap (nonstop) flight away. Most importantly, it fulfills all of my requirements for a low-cost warm-weather vacation: fantastic food, amazing hiking, and affordable attractions. I’m not alone, either, as tourists started to flood Phoenix this winter and spring as the travel industry started to recover from the pandemic. Now let’s explore these best cheap suggestions in greater detail in Phoenix. Make it the next affordable city in the United States you visit!

Affordable Lodging

Phoenix is among the greatest big cities for affordable lodging, so you’re in luck! Though we’ve had amazing success with affordable, stylish Airbnbs in the neighborhood, there are lots of hotel options as well.

Phoenix residents rent out a ton of casitas, which are private, smaller units in backyards if you’re searching for a quick retreat for two. An advantage to this arrangement? You’ll have your room and entry, but you’ll still be able to use the backyard amenities—hot tubs and pools are big in Phoenix! Consider the casita that we recently lodged in. For about $100 a night, we could have the coziest casita with a kitchenette and the pool, hot tub, and backyard all to ourselves!

Save Me Money

Among my favorite things to do when visiting Phoenix? Savor! I can suggest some restaurants for you to try if you’re on a tight budget.

The tastiest tacos he’s had in Phoenix, according to a friend who lives in the area, are at the Sonora Taco Shop. He was correct! Sonora is a tiny, unassuming eatery that has a small menu written on a chalkboard that faces the kitchen. However, don’t be misled by its ease of access; this location is a must-see while in Phoenix. Here is where you may fill up on tacos, burros, caramels, and vampires.

Some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever tasted in the United States is served in Phoenix, and it’s also quite reasonably priced. While I have a large list of quick, affordable, and fantastic Mexican eateries to recommend, start with these:

  • Tacos Huicho
  • Los Reyes de la Torta
  • Tacos Chiwas
  • Kiss Pollos Estilo Sinoloa
  • El Norteño
  • Irma’s Kitchen

The enumeration is endless. We loved El Norteño so much that we visited again right before our flight home. Irma’s Kitchen serves wonderful brunch and lunch for less than $6.

Exploring the outdoors is always free

I think enjoying the great outdoors is the best free thing to do on a trip or weekend break. Phoenix is also the heart of a plethora of hiking and outdoor activities, despite its reputation as a retirement destination.

Hiking, and exploring the mountains, and desert sceneries are some of the most well-liked activities in Phoenix. It’s the ideal sunny day activity that will make you feel amazing and offer some breathtaking views of the city from above, with so many gorgeous mountains and hiking trails close by. Because of how dispersed Phoenix is, it’s best to rent a car to travel to these many trails. We developed the routine of going on morning hikes and working up a sweat before stopping for lunch at a nearby location.

To choose a route that suits your preferred level of difficulty, check out the trailhead maps, download the AllTrails app, and pack your own water bottle, hat, and sunscreen. Camelback Mountain, Piestewa Peak trails, Papago Park (don’t miss the Hole in the Wall!), and Phoenix Mountains Preserve trails are a few of our faves. Do you just want to take in the beauty and avoid the hiking part? For a fantastic (and free) spectacle from Mother Nature herself, get to Dobbins Lookout before daybreak.

Cheap Things to Do in the Arizona

Discover the 1929 Wrigley Mansion, perched on a magnificent hilltop yep, the one owned by Mr. Wrigley of Wrigley Gum! The gracious hostess gave us and other visitors free admission to the mansion even though tours cost $15 per person and we arrived so late in the afternoon that all tours had already left. This magnificent residence is furnished with unique elements, vivid colors, and amazing tiled bathrooms.

Taliesin West is someone you should check out if you love Frank Lloyd Wright. This is open to tourists and was the winter residence of the renowned architect. Look over the various tour options; we choose the audio tour that is self-guided. Bring your student ID with you to receive a discount, students! Not to be overlooked is the Desert Botanical Garden! We went to Phoenix for the first time, and I think this was the best part of it. Since then, we’ve gone back every year to show it off to friends and family.

The various cactus, succulents, plants, and trees along the garden walkways make for an endless stroll. Among the most amazing botanical gardens I’ve ever visited is this one! Though $29.95 per person is a pricey ticket, if you visit on the second Tuesday of the month, you can enter for free!

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