The Ultimate List of Top 10 US Airlines in 2024!

The caliber of airline services is essential to guarantee a pleasurable and fulfilling journey in a world where travel connects individuals and enterprises over vast distances. Through a close examination of these vital elements, we seek to shed light on the airlines that manage to satisfy customer demands, maintain dependable operations, and prioritize safety in a constantly evolving and dynamic sector.

This post will look at the best airlines in the US and rank them according to several important factors like customer satisfaction, reliability, and safety.

Top 10 US Airlines Ranking

1. Delta Air Lines

About its promptness and effective handling of involuntary bumps, Delta Airlines scored 66.31 overall. The company’s weakest point, meanwhile, continues to be affordability. The prior year, Delta received a notable rank (not specified).

Delta is still getting great reviews for both the caliber of its in-flight services and its ground amenities, which include elegantly furnished Sky Clubs at US major airports. Take the airline’s stunning new $4 billion terminal at the recently renovated LaGuardia Airport in New York, for instance, which has high ceilings, wood and marble accents, and striking artwork by regional artists.

With the use of cutting-edge technologies for check-in and boarding, Delta hopes to simplify air travel as much as possible. Along with free text messaging, in-flight perks that passengers adore include the cozy Delta One business class suites available to travelers at the front of the aircraft on the airline’s new Airbus A350 jetliners and other wide-body aircraft.

An expanding route map will allow you to enjoy similar benefits when traveling to even more far-flung destinations, like Tahiti, Tel Aviv, and Cape Town.

2. United Airlines

With a score of 62.47, United Airlines demonstrated its superiority in family travel, route network, and frequent flyer programs. Baggage handling and pricing were two areas where United needed to improve. It did not disclose its ranking from the previous year.

Based in Chicago, the airline serves eight hubs around the country (including Guam) and offers a wide and constantly growing network of international destinations.

The airline responded to the outbreak by doing away with change fees on the majority of its flights, and it was soon to expand its fleet with 270 additional Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Naturally, traveling on the new aircraft will be more comfortable and high-tech, but in addition, each seat on the aircraft will have 17–20% less carbon emissions than the previous models.

3. The Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines outperformed the competitors in terms of lounges and general customer satisfaction, scoring 60.54. Handling of the luggage proved to be its weakest point. It did not disclose its ranking from the previous year.

A perennial favorite, Alaska Airlines is praised for its extensive rewards program, friendly flight attendants, and dependability. Thanks to onboard service that includes Pacific Northwest regional touches like local wine and artisan beer, you’d almost forget it’s currently the fifth-largest airline in the United States. That its route map has grown beyond the states denoted by its name, from Hawaii to New York and from the Pacific Northwest to Mexico and Latin America, is not surprising.

Consistent with its corporate headquarters in the tech-friendly Seattle metro area, the airline recently announced a partnership with Twelve, a company that produces sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) from captured carbon dioxide.

4. American Airlines

At 59.83, American Airlines had a strong route network and availability of awards. Cost and baggage handling were challenges, though. Nobody knew how it ranked the year before.

With ten domestic hubs, including Miami and Dallas/Fort Worth, American is the largest airline in the world in terms of both fleet size and scheduled passenger count. From these Southern Airline home bases, the airline has grown to become a major force in the Caribbean and Latin America with new routes to surprising locations like San Andres Island, Colombia, and Chetumal, Mexico.

More than any other American airline, this city serves as the capital of Quintana Roo, a state in Yucatán. It is also the carrier’s 28th stop in Mexico. American Airlines decided in August 2022 to buy 20 Boom Supersonic aircraft, which will alter the company’s transatlantic and transpacific routes.

5. Southwest Airlines

For ensuring award availability and doing away with fees for bags and changes, Southwest Airlines received a score of 56.29. The inability to handle cancellations and lounge services negatively impacted its business. It did not disclose its ranking from the previous year.

With a route network that today connects Hawaii to Latin America and the Caribbean, Southwest has long outgrown the geographical restrictions implied by its name. Whatever their destination, travelers can benefit from inexpensive fares and the consumer-friendly “bags fly free” policy, but they will have to put up with some of the airline’s quirks, like the love-it-or-hate-it boarding procedure.

Budget travelers won’t often find a better deal in the skies, but the airline’s basic customer experience—which on most flights consists of a complimentary beverage and a snack—has been improved by newer amenities like in-flight Wi-Fi.

6. Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines’ performance in handling cancellations and involuntary bumps was rated 54.71. The performance of the route network was one area that was identified for improvement, though. It did not disclose its ranking from the previous year.

From its humble beginnings as a local puddle jumper, Hawaiian has grown to operate a network of inter-island and U.S. mainland services, in addition to long-haul flights across the Pacific region.

All travelers may enjoy island-inspired food and beverage selections including caramel macadamia nut popcorn, furikake chips, beer and hard seltzer from Maui Brewing Company, and Honolulu-roasted Lion Coffee. Readers love the VIP cabin, which features lie-flat seating on certain lengthy flights. In 2016 they also worked with On the Rocks to develop a line of bottled cocktails, which at the moment includes a Tropical Landing (gin, violet, coconut, guava, and citrus), a Mai Tai, and a Molokai Mule with passionfruit infusion.

7. JetBlue Airlines

For its cabin attributes, JetBlue Airlines received a score of 47.68. On the other hand, there were issues with scheduling, cancellations, and wheelchair and scooter accommodations. It did not disclose its ranking from the previous year.

There’s a new reason for JetBlue passengers to choose the airline that flies to their hometown: With an upgraded Mint Class premium cabin with enormous flat-bed sleeper seats, the firm began operating its eagerly anticipated flights to London from JFK Airport in 2021. Additionally, last year, the company introduced routes from Boston to both Heathrow and Gatwick.

Travelers are also responding favorably to other recent innovations, like as new seats and more legroom throughout the aircraft. JetBlue is one of the few airlines that still has seat-back films, complete with free live TV. Additionally, the airline offers one of the fastest internet connections in the sky with its free Wi-Fi, frequently referred to as “Fly-Fi.”

8. Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines scored 38.99, indicating that affordability was a noteworthy feature. Its route network optimization and wheelchair/scooter handling issues remained. It did not disclose its ranking from the previous year.

The fact that Spirit Airlines isn’t the worst in the nation is among its best qualities. Nearly 40 million passengers fly with Spirit every year, despite their poor AirAdvisor Airline Score of 37. Spirit Airlines’ customer reputation rating is ranked 9th, which is a little lower than their overall ranking, but they do have something to say about it.

9. Allegiant Air

For managing baggage, wheelchairs, and scooters, Allegiant Airlines received a score of 37.04. Concerns included family-friendly services, cabin amenities, and timeliness. It did not disclose its ranking from the previous year.

Because Allegiant offers consistently good service at reasonable prices, passengers support the airline. The inexpensive carrier’s inexpensive (and, to be honest, frill-free—bring your food!) offerings are highly favored by our readers.

Another reason they enjoy Allegiant is that, according to one reader, it’s “the best airline for regional airports.” Routes listed include Savannah to Akron-Canton, Grand Rapids to Sarasota (“my only choice,” comments one reader), and any location to Tampa-Clearwater Bay. On the former route, round-trip tickets start at roughly $120.

10. Frontier Airlines

With a score of 27.74, Frontier Airlines performed best in affordability. Its overall efficacy was, however, limited by difficulties with fees, client satisfaction, and involuntary bumps. It did not disclose its ranking from the previous year. Due to little and significant initiatives like 30% lighter seats, fuel-efficient engines, and biodegradable cups, the Denver-based low-cost carrier claims to be the cleanest airline in North America, having a far lower carbon footprint than rivals.

The airline has painted larger-than-life animals on its tails since the mid-1990s as a representation of its environmental consciousness. Some of the creatures painted on the tails are new arrivals including Francie the piping plover, Crystal the Florida manatee, and Hudson the bog turtle. Ten more nonstop flights from Frontier to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport have recently been added.

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