Trenton-Mercer Is Happy to Have Holiday Travelers!

The TSA suggests more travel time.

Tourists can use Trenton-Mercer Airport, which is close to home and ready to serve them during the holidays. The airport says people should get there two hours before their flight, and they should be ready for it to be busier than normal as people carry holiday packages and winter gear through the terminal.

The busiest times will be Dec. 21–23, then again Dec. 26–30 and Jan. 2 as people fly home for the holidays.

Here Are Some Tips that Will Help You Move Better:

If You’re Going to Catch a Flight:

  • There is plenty of parking at the airport, but the big lots may be full. A shuttle will go straight from an extra parking lot near the Scotch Road entrance to Trenton-Mercer Airport to the main terminal.
  • You can pay cash or credit cards at the exit gates, but not at the airport or where you pick up your bags. Parking costs $8 per day or $2 per hour (up to four hours).
  • You can easily get to Trenton-Mercer Airport from Mercer County by taking exit 75 off of Interstate 295. Taxis and on-demand services like Uber and Lyft are some other ways to get around.

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If You’re Coming:

  • The baggage claim room at Trenton-Mercer is only a short walk from the planes. Please keep in mind that the time it takes to unload goods from the plane is about the same as at bigger airports. Because of this, the wait time might seem pretty long.
  • There are bathrooms in both the area where you pick up your bags and the main station.
  • Use the Parking Pay Station booth while you wait for your bags in the baggage claim area.

In Case You Need to Pick Someone Up:

  • Do not walk around the terminal looking for your clients. This will save you time and gas. Use the Free Waiting Area, which is also called the cell phone lot. People can park and wait for their rider to call them to let them know that their bags are ready at the curb and that they are ready to be picked up.
  • Use one of the flight tracking apps, like FlightAware or FlightView, or call the company. These links will take you to and

Planning, building, running, and managing the Trenton-Mercer Airport is the job of Mercer County. TTN goes to up to 15 different places. Go to Trenton-Mercer Airport for more details.

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