10 Budget-Friendly Things to Do in Kauai

The Garden Isle is a common nickname for Kauai. There are a ton of incredible outdoor activities and sights to enjoy while visiting Kauai, as this nickname suggests. These ten inexpensive activities to do on this stunning, verdant Hawaiian island are listed below.

1. Go on a Zipline Tour

things to do in kauai

There are two zipline tour options available on Kauai from Skyline Eco-Adventures: the 8-line tour and the 5-line trip. Normally priced at $109.95, the amazing five-line tour is only $99.95 when you order it online. Families will love this tour! Eight years old is the minimum age requirement, while sixty pounds is the minimum weight requirement. When you book online, you may take $50 off each child’s ticket if they are 13 years old or younger, making the total cost of your ziplining experience only $59.95! For 1.5 hours of exciting fun and breathtaking scenery, that is a great value!

2. Visit Poipu and see the Spouting Horn

For good reason, one of the most photographed locations on Kauai is this interesting geological feature. Just beneath the surface of the ocean, a lava tube is struck by waves, forcing water through the tube and into the air like a geyser. This free-to-view natural wonder is situated in Kauai’s Poipu Beach Park.

3. Have fun in Lydgate Beach Park

things to do in kauai

Spending a day at this well-known beach with kids is a great idea. The water in these two ponds is incredibly calm and shallow since they are formed by rocks in the shallow ocean. On the beach, there’s also a fantastic kids’ playground.

4. Set up camp at the beach in Haena

On calm days, this is a fantastic beach for swimming and snorkeling. In the sand at this location, you can also locate numerous lovely seashells. Locals love to camp here at this beach as well. Choosing to camp here might be an affordable option for you and your friends to take in Kauai’s natural beauty.

5. Take a stroll along the Kuilau Ridge Path

Enjoy breathtaking vistas of the Makaleha Mountain Range while hiking this 2.25-mile path. Because the majority of the trail is uphill, this hike is both gorgeous and rather strenuous.

6. Admire Waimea Canyon’s Scenery

things to do in kauai

This Kauai state park has a canyon that is frequently referred to as “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” It’s impressive to view this canyon. Ten kilometers in length and 3,600 feet in depth. The Waimea River, waterfalls, and possibly even vivid rainbows can be seen when peering down the canyon.

7. See the Hanalei Valley Overlook

Situated close to Princeville and Hanalei, this sight is perched atop Namolokama Mountain. There are tons of gorgeous photo ops available from this overlook. It would be a mistake to miss these views!

8. See Wailua Falls and its Rainbow

A well-known representation of Kauai’s splendor is this double waterfall. Nearly little hiking is necessary to get up close and personal with this stunning waterfall because it is so easy to reach. perfect after sunrise is the ideal time of day to visit this waterfall because the rising sun catches the falls at just the perfect angle, resulting in a stunning rainbow show.

9. A stroll around Kokee State Park

things to do in kauai

This state park offers hiking paths spanning more than 40 miles and is situated on the northern edge of Waimea Canyon. This state park offers an abundance of breathtaking views.

10. Take a Hike on the Sleeping Giant Trail

Another name for this hiking trail is the Nounou Trail. It’s one of Kauai’s three hiking trails that lead up to Nounou Mountain. You will be able to take in views of the Wailua River, the east coast of Kauai, and numerous more stunning locations.

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