TSA PreCheck Expands Access for Teenagers

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is expanding access to its TSA PreCheck program, aiming to facilitate smoother travel experiences for families during the busy summer season. This expansion allows teenagers aged 13 to 17 to accompany enrolled parents or guardians in the expedited security lane, offering convenience and efficiency for families.

Benefits of TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck enables travelers to navigate airport security faster by eliminating the need to remove shoes, belts, jackets, laptops, and liquids from carry-on bags. With enrollment costing $78 for five years, TSA PreCheck membership offers significant time savings and hassle reduction for frequent flyers.

Expansion Details

Previously, only children aged 12 and under could accompany enrolled parents or guardians in the TSA PreCheck lane. The expansion to include teenagers aged 13 to 17 reflects the TSA’s commitment to enhancing the travel experience for families and streamlining security procedures during peak travel periods.

TSA PreCheck Usage and Outlook

As the TSA prepares for a busy Memorial Day holiday weekend, with an expected 2.6 million passengers screened on the busiest day, the expansion of TSA PreCheck access underscores the agency’s readiness to handle increased travel volume. Additionally, the deployment of Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) units enhances security efficiency by enabling digital ID verification at select airports.

Accessibility and Enrollment

Access to TSA PreCheck is accessible at airports nationwide, providing travelers with expedited security screening benefits. The enrollment process involves online registration, payment of the application fee, and an in-person interview at designated enrollment centers. Reimbursement options and credit card benefits further incentivize enrollment for eligible travelers.


In conclusion, the expansion of TSA PreCheck to include teenagers aged 13 to 17 enhances accessibility and convenience for families traveling during the summer season. With streamlined security procedures and increased efficiency, TSA PreCheck continues to be a valuable asset for travelers seeking a seamless airport experience.

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