Maximizing Your Travel: A Guide to Turkish Airlines Stopover Program

As Turkish Airlines offers passengers a complimentary stopover stay in Istanbul, it’s essential to understand how to leverage this fantastic perk fully. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Turkish Airlines’ stopover program, from requesting your hotel voucher to exploring the included accommodations.

Understanding the Turkish Airlines Stopover Program

A stopover is a layover where passengers spend over 20 hours in a city before reaching their final destination. With Turkish Airlines’ stopover program, travelers have the opportunity to explore vibrant cities like Istanbul with a complimentary hotel stay, providing a unique and enriching travel experience. Business class passengers even enjoy a luxurious two-night stay in a five-star hotel.

How Does a Stopover Work in Istanbul?

To take advantage of Turkish Airlines’ stopover program, passengers must complete the “STOPOVER Request Form” at least 72 hours before their first flight. This form requires essential information such as the passenger’s name, reservation code, preferred dates for accommodation, room type, and contact details. Once submitted, passengers can enjoy a complimentary hotel stay in Istanbul, adding an exciting dimension to their journey.

Visa Requirements for the Stopover Service

It’s essential to note that a valid visa is required to benefit from Turkish Airlines’ stopover program. Passengers can apply for a Turkish visa through the appropriate channels to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

Included Istanbul Hotels in the Stopover Service

Currently, Turkish Airlines offers accommodation at the Sheraton Istanbul Atakoy Hotel for business class passengers participating in the stopover program. While additional hotels may be added over time, the Sheraton Istanbul Atakoy Hotel provides a luxurious setting for travelers to relax and unwind during their stopover in Istanbul.


Turkish Airlines’ stopover program is a valuable offering that enhances the travel experience for passengers, especially those flying business class. By providing complimentary hotel stays in vibrant cities like Istanbul, Turkish Airlines enables travelers to explore new destinations and create lasting memories along the way. Whether you’re planning a short layover or an extended stopover, Turkish Airlines’ stopover program offers flexibility and convenience, ensuring a memorable journey from start to finish.

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