The Warmest Places to Visit in Europe in February 2024

Don’t worry if you don’t want to experience the cold this winter. Why not take a vacation from the cold and enjoy some warmth and winter sun in February? There are lots of nice spots to visit in Europe.

You could be exploring the Algarve, admiring ancient sites on Crete, or dining al fresco in Malta instead of deicing your car, dressing in what seems like too many layers to even venture outdoors, and watching overcast skies. Here’s a list of some of the warmest and most enjoyable locations in Europe in February to help you get over the winter blues.

What is the European weather like in February?

In Europe, February is unquestionably still winter. There are still chilly days and even snowfall in certain parts of the continent. Though it’s still rather cold, it may begin to warm up around the end of the month and show hints of spring.

For Northern and Eastern Europe, at least, that is the situation. Therefore, travelers seeking winter sun should head toward the Mediterranean. Here, the average temperature is in the range of 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. But that just provides a broad picture of the entire Mediterranean region. Let’s examine some of the warmest locations in Europe during February in more detail.

Crete, Greece

warmest places to visit in europe in february 2024

The Aegean Sea’s southernmost point is home to the Greek island of Crete. Situated around 160 kilometers away from the mainland, it is the largest island in Greece. In summer, this is a popular destination for vacationers. However, February is a considerably quieter month on the island, with nearly empty resorts and beaches. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to Crete in February. In actuality, it’s among the warmest destinations in Europe for February travel.

As highs reach 61°F, you may sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, albeit it’s still a little chilly and makes you want to take a sea bath. The month-long average temperature is roughly 54°F. Despite this, there is a good amount of cloud cover and only three hours of sunshine each day on average.


warmest places to visit in europe in february 2024

Sandwiched between Europe and the Middle East, Cyprus is the third-largest island in the Mediterranean. A wonderful vacation is guaranteed because of its unique culture, an abundance of beaches, and a substantial dose of history.

Cyprus bakes at high temperatures during the summer. In contrast to the summer’s heat, February’s significantly lower temperatures make outdoor exploration much more tolerable. You may still enjoy six hours of sunshine a day while not being able to sunbathe due to the average high temperature of 63°F.

At night, the temperature drops considerably and can even sink below 46°F. To be warm, therefore remember to pack in layers. Since February brings eight rainy days on average in Cyprus, you might also wish to pack an umbrella!


warmest places to visit in europe in february 2024

In February, Malta, the tenth-smallest country in the world, is among the hottest spots in Europe and a popular winter sun getaway. Nestled between Sicily and North Africa, this beautifully decorated medieval site is best viewed in the fall and winter when the heat and crowds of summer pass. Malta experiences quite mild February temperatures. By the end of the month, it seems like spring has arrived already.

There is a 57% probability of sunshine throughout the month, with an average high temperature of about 61°F. During the month, there is about 63mm of rainfall spread across 12 wet days on average. It is a good idea to bring some waterproof clothing!


warmest places to visit in europe in february 2024

For a considerable time now, February visitors to Europe have been considering visiting Tenerife. Winter visitors from the continent love this location. The Spanish island is a component of the Canary Islands, an archipelago off the coast of northwest Africa made up of eight major islands. Tenerife has positively warm weather in February!

Days at the beach are possible because of the minimum daily temperatures of roughly 59°F and highs that gradually rise to 72°F. The abundance of sunshine is an advantage. February has a 69% probability of sunny days and only three millimeters of precipitation are expected. But blizzards and snowfall still occur on the island’s well-known Mount Teide!


warmest places to visit in europe in february 2024

Fuerteventura, another Canary Island, is renowned for being a winter sun sanctuary, much like Tenerife. Considering that we are only 100 kilometers from the coast of North Africa, this is not surprising! Fuerteventura is among the warmest destinations in Europe in February due to its consistently moderate temperatures. The range of expected temperatures is comfortable highs of 72°F to lows of 59°F.

But it’s still a pretty chilly 56°F at the sea, which makes swimming uncomfortable. But there’s plenty of sunlight; brilliant days are expected for about 70% of the month, with only 3 mm of precipitation expected. It makes sense that throngs of people come here year to get away from the icy weather of Northern Europe.

Gran Canaria

warmest places to visit in europe in february 2024

When it comes to warm destinations in Europe to visit in February, the Canary Islands are in first position. Gran Canaria is a possible addition to Tenerife and Fuerteventura. Gran Canaria experiences somewhat different temperatures than the other Canaries, but overall they are similar.

February highs here in February often reach 72°F. The average temperature is 64°F. The most of the month is projected to be sunny, with an anticipated 10 mm of rain. While conditions are ideal for windsurfing and surfing, bathing in the sea is a little chilly (around 66°F).

Lanzarote Islands

warmest places to visit in europe in february 2024

Like the other Canary Islands, Lanzarote has long been a popular spot for people looking for sun throughout the winter. In February, it’s one of the warmest spots in Europe to visit, along with the rest of the archipelago.

With an average maximum temperature of 70°F, it is the most easterly of the Canaries and marginally warmer than Gran Canaria and Tenerife. However, as night falls, this too may quickly become less appealing. It can go as cold as 55°F during lows. However, it feels like spring has arrived because of the pleasant weather. But be aware that although it may only affect a few days throughout the month, February is one of Lanzarote’s wettest months.

The Spanish city of Murcia

warmest places to visit in europe in february 2024

The city of Murcia, located in southeast Spain, is replete with examples of Gothic and Baroque architecture. Although it may not be the hottest spot in Europe in February, it is undoubtedly one of the warmer spots to enjoy the winter sun.

Murcia’s maximum temperature in February was approximately 63°F, with nighttime lows of 43°F. For those strolls around the evening metropolis, you’ll need to pack a few layers! Positively, with six full hours of sunshine predicted each day, rain is likely to affect only two days (on average) of the entire month. It’s only 59°F in the water this time of year, so don’t plan on swimming in it.

Madeira, Portugal

warmest places to visit in europe in february 2024

In February, the European island group of Madeira is a pleasant and pleasant destination. With Madeira as the largest, there are four main islands. Madeira is well-known for its lush vegetation, sunny days, and volcanic vistas.

The temperate temperatures during this time of year in the archipelago entice travelers seeking a pleasant place to spend a week or two during the winter. The high temperature in February is around 65°F, and the water temperature is also typically in that range. 50°F is a positively chilly temperature at night. This implies that it’s crucial to dress in layers and bundle up.


warmest places to visit in europe in february 2024

Algarve is one of Europe’s warmest places in February. The southernmost part of Portugal is called the Algarve. Due to its extensive length of fine sand beaches, favorable surf conditions, and quaint settlements, it is a well-liked summer vacation spot. It’s the ideal place to spend February, this lovely stretch of the Portuguese coast. Although pleasant, the temperatures aren’t as high as you may anticipate.

The high point is typically 60°F, with evening lows of 46°F. It’s not the most sunny destination in Europe in February, but it will be very wet with about 11 days of predicted precipitation (albeit just 11 mm is expected). However, it is a great time to go sightseeing. It’s wonderful to visit the Algarve because of the absence of crowds and intense heat, whether it’s the magnificent outdoors or its historic landmarks.

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