What is a Known Traveller Number and its Benefits?

Ever seen a Known Traveler Number? Some tourists need an Understood Tourist Number in addition to their passport, airline reservation code, and leaflet number. TSA PreCheck and Worldwide Access users have understood vacationer numbers. This essential number grants you access to expedited screening and arrival at US airports. Discover what a Known Traveler Number is, how to get one, and how to use it in your travel plans.

What’s a Known Traveler Number?

After approval for one of the programs, TSA PreCheck and Global Entry members receive a nine-digit code (which may be a combination of letters and digits) from DHS.

The U.S. government recognizes KTN holders as tourists after an application and screening process. A tourist’s KTN proves they’re a TSA PreCheck and/or International Entry member and eligible to use TSA PreCheck lanes at U.S. airports.

What Is the Understood Traveler Number Application Process?

An understood traveler number is quite useful when traveling. This method lets you enter TSA PreCheck lanes, which have reduced wait periods. Participants also undergo less intrusive screening than in TSA protection lanes. DHS Trusted Vacationer programs offer many options to get an Understood Traveler Number.

Vacationers must apply and be interviewed at registration centers before participating in any activity. Many US flight terminals include registration centers. The government allows virtual meetings for candidates who merely need to renew their subscriptions. Programs charge for 5-year subscriptions. Many credit cards levy application fees for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck.

1. TSA PreCheck

    After applying for TSA PreCheck, passing the test, and receiving clearance, the US government will issue you an Understood Tourist Number. Members get expedited security with TSA PreCheck. PreCheck lanes rarely demand you to remove shoes, laptops, or fluids from your luggage or undergo a full-body scanner. Application for TSA PreCheck is $85.

    2. International Entrance

    Worldwide Entrance confirms TSA PreCheck subscription, therefore Global Access membership gives you your Recognized Traveler Number. Worldwide Entrance, a CBP program, allows low-risk tourists returning to the U.S. from overseas to use shorter customs lines.

    A perk? TSA PreCheck is available to participants. Application to this program is $100. An added benefit? International Access costs $15 more than TSA PreCheck and allows quicker testing at customs and TSA checkpoints.

    What is a Known Traveller Number

    NEXUS as well as SENTRI

    The DHS maintains two other Relied on Vacationer programs for Canadian and Mexican vacationers entering the U.S. Both NEXUS and SENTRI offer TSA PreCheck and an Understood Traveler Number. Pre-screened Canadians entering the US by air or land can use NEXUS expedited processing. The application fee for this program is $50. SENTRI expedites pre-screened visitors from Canada and Mexico into the U.S. by air, land, or sea. Application fees for this program are $122.25.

    Adding a KTN to an airline ticket

    When authorized for TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, NEXUS, or SENTRI, you must take one more step to ensure “TSA PreCheck” is printed on your boarding pass. You must add your RTN to your airline profile before continuing.

    When booking a trip, you can attach your KTN while entering your personal information. With a regular flier account or membership, you can link your Understood Vacationer Number to your airline profile’s details. Your KTN should then be automatically updated to airline appointments.

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    Finding My Understood Traveler Number: How?

    Your Recognized Traveler Number is important for flight booking and airline profile updates. This request is for new TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, SENTRI, or NEXUS members or existing members flying with an airline for the first time considering joining. TSA PreCheck participants can utilize the DHS website to enter their information and find their number.

    If you got the number via Worldwide Access, you have options. Check the back of your physical International Access card. “PASSID” is your nine-digit Recognized Traveler Number. Log in to your International Entry or other Relied on Traveler Program account to see your program and PASSID. Remember that PASSID = KTN.

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