Which Airlines Provide Business Class Seats with A Flat Bed?

In the realm of aviation, the battle for supremacy extends beyond performance and efficiency to encompass luxury and comfort. The business class seat wars ignited in 2000 with the introduction of fully flatbed seats, have since escalated into fierce competition among airlines vying for the title of offering the most lavish and modern in-flight experiences.

Evolution of Business Class Flat Bed Seats

Singapore Airlines


Pioneering the wide beds in the sky, Singapore Airlines offers 30-inch wide seats that seamlessly transform into 78-inch long beds, adorned with handcrafted Scottish leather and diamonds, ensuring passengers indulge in unparalleled luxury.

Air New Zealand

Setting new standards for comfort, Air New Zealand boasts one of the longest beds in the sky, measuring 6’7.5” in length, accompanied by thick mattresses, fluffy comforters, and full-size pillows, inviting passengers to indulge in blissful slumber.

Emirates Airlines


Exceeding expectations, Emirates Airlines provides spacious seats with a pitch of 48 inches, a width of 18.5 inches, and lengths ranging from 70 to 79 inches, complemented by intuitive seat controls, direct aisle access, and even a minibar for added convenience.

British Airways

A trailblazer in the seat wars, British Airways initiated the trend of fully convertible six-foot beds in 2000, evolving over the years to incorporate adjustable headrests, lumbar support, power supply for electronic devices, stylish bedding, and dimmable lights.

Qantas Airlines


Garnering accolades for its Skybeds+, Qantas Airlines offers award-winning, two-meter-long fully-flat beds equipped with a myriad of seat adjustments, massage options, personal entertainment, and turndown service, ensuring a restful journey for passengers.

United Airlines

Embracing spaciousness and comfort, United Airlines’ business class flat beds provide more than six feet of sleeping space, accompanied by ample room for personal belongings, special bedding from Saks Fifth Avenue, and customizable reclining positions.

Virgin Australia


Prioritizing passenger satisfaction, Virgin Australia offers cocoon-like seats with direct aisle access, fully flat 80-inch beds, multiple seating positions, turndown service, large pillows, and plush comforters, promising a rejuvenating travel experience.


In the ongoing business class seat wars, airlines spare no effort in elevating the in-flight experience to unprecedented levels of luxury and comfort. As each carrier vies for supremacy, passengers emerge as the ultimate beneficiaries, treated to a plethora of amenities and innovations that transform air travel into a truly indulgent affair.

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