Lynx Air Cancellation Policy

Thanks to Lynx Air’s accommodating cancellation policy, you can change your flight and get a refund at any time before the scheduled departure. To receive a hassle-free cancellation, though, a few guidelines must be followed.

This article will review all the guidelines you must know before canceling your flight reservation without issues. We’ll also go into great detail on the airline’s cancellation cost, 24-hour cancellation rule, refund policies, and your choices if they have to cancel your trip.

Lynx Air Flight Cancellation Rules

A full refund is available if you cancel your flight by Lynx’s cancellation policy. You can easily make a cancellation request on the airline’s website or by calling customer service. The airline’s cancellation policies are listed below for all fare types:

LynxEco Fare

  • No changes can be made within 72 hours of the departure time.
  • The expense of the fuel and security would not be reimbursable.
  • This fare cannot be refunded in any way. The only airport fees that aren’t used are refunded.
  • The passenger would not receive a refund if they checked the no-show box.

Eco Fare LynxFlexi

  • Along with the tax cancellation cost, a cancellation fee of 34.50 USD per person per flight segment will be assessed.
  • The flight cancellation must be made up to 36 hours before the departure time. After then, cancellations won’t be accepted.

LynxOpti Fare

  • This is a refundable fare that can be changed up to 24 hours before the departure time.
  • The availed portion of the ticket is eligible for a refund.
  • Along with the tax cancellation cost, there will be an additional cancellation fee of 69 USD per person per flight segment.

LynxBizz Fare

  • The Bizz fee can be canceled by passengers up to three hours before the departure time.
  • If you want to cancel a Lynx flight after it has left, a cancellation fee of 50% of the ticketed amount will be charged.

Lynx Air Cancellation Policy 24 Hour

The airline’s 24-hour cancellation policy applies to any tickets booked directly from Lynx Air (website, mobile app, ticket counter, or contact center) for travel to or from the United States and Canada. There would be no charge on the below-mentioned points –

  • You buy a plane ticket to or from Canada or the United States.
  • You make your reservation at least one week before the flight’s scheduled departure.
  • Within 24 hours of purchasing it, you return your ticket.

Ways to Cancel a Flight with Lynx Air

There are various ways to modify or cancel a reservation with Lynx Air:

Passengers may cancel tickets purchased through Lynx Air’s direct sales channel by:

Using an Official Lynx Air Website

To cancel your current reservation, go to the airline’s website, go to the My Trip section, and tick the box next to it. Verify that your reservation can be canceled before submitting the request. Do the following to reschedule your flight:

  • Select the “My Trip” tab on
  • You can retrieve your reservation using the passenger’s last name and the six-digit booking reference.
  • Pick the part of the flight you want to cancel. The following page contains the refund amount and cancellation cost for your reservation.

Using Lynx Air Customer Service Phone Number

You will receive a notification at your registered email address once the cancellation request has been handled. You will receive a notification at your registered email address once the cancellation request has been handled.

Lynx Air Bizz Fare Cancellation Policy

If your business class fare is entirely flexible, you may:

  • Any changes to your flight or travel dates are free of charge.
  • You can cancel your ticket without paying a fee and ask for a refund.

How to Find Out If Your Flight Reservation with Lynx Air is Refundable?

Consult the tariff terms on your ticket or the confirmation email you received after making your reservation if you need to cancel and get a refund. Alternatively, make a query and contact Lynx Air through your travel agency.

Flight Cancellation Policy of Lynx Air

According to the Lynx Air ticket cancellation policy, you are entitled to a refund if the airline cancels your flight. If another flight is offered, you can take it for free or get a refund.

Cancellation Compensation

If your flight is canceled within 14 days of takeoff for an unforeseeable reason, you can be eligible for $125 in compensation.

Please complete the Customer Support Inquiry contact form to contact the airlines.

Denied Boarding

Although Lynx Air never intentionally overbooks flights, there are rare occasions when they might need more seats for all confirmed ticket holders. The airline may have to deny boarding to some passengers if this rare circumstance occurs.

Lynx Air seeks volunteers willing to give up their seats before refusing a passenger boarding. Once the airline offers, they document the benefits agreed upon before the departure of their aircraft. If there are not enough volunteers, the airline has the right to deny boarding to further customers.

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