Spirit Airlines Check-In Policy

Since they have the biggest fleets and fly to every corner of the United States and Latin America, Spirit Airlines check-in request provides the greatest services inside the global airline network. They are low-cost airlines that you can use to travel.

Spirit Airlines Check-In Process

Any of the following check-in alternatives can be used by travelers who have airline tickets to complete their check-in process:

Web Check-In

With Spirit.com check-in, travelers can finish their flight check-in up to 24 hours before the departure time. Requests for checked bags with Spirit Airlines must be made concurrently with flight check-in. The traveler must add bags to their reservation after completing the online check-in and selecting their seat. By doing so, they must pay the baggage cost for their flight reservation.

Alternately, if the Spirit online check-in is finished without the baggage, the baggage check-in can be finished at the airport’s curbside Spirit Airlines check-in desk when it comes time to board the flight.

Availability for Spirit Flight Check-In

No matter the quality of service or fare type selected when making a reservation, Spirit Airlines allows all domestic and international customers to check in online:

  • The traveler made an internet reservation for a Spirit Airlines flight.
  • Spirit Airlines is in charge of the booking’s initial flight.
  • There are a maximum of four flight segments in the itinerary.
  • No more than 9 persons can be included in one PNR for the Spirit Airlines reservation.
  • Before the Spirit online check-in, the traveler has not requested any extra services.
  • Passengers holding a standard fare must choose a seat and check at least one piece of luggage.

Options for Spirit Online Check-In

Passengers must input their six-digit booking reference, 13-digit ticket number, or SpiritClub Mileage Number to check in online with Spirit Airlines. Passengers have the choice to request the following during online check-in on their travel reservation:

  • Modifying a flight
  • The SpiritClub Mileage Number is being updated
  • Requesting and obtaining a better seat
  • Baggage registration
  • Pay a fee for the checked luggage or the additional bag allowance.

Check-In with Spirit Airlines Online.

The Spirit Airlines mobile app or the website opens 30 hours before your flight for online check-in. Drop off your bags at the baggage claim after completing your Spirit Airlines check-in, present your printed boarding pass, and go to the security gate to board your aircraft. Online check-in

  • Go to spirit.com and select the tab labeled “Check-In” from the homepage.
  • Type in the passenger’s last name and the six-digit confirmation code. To continue, select the Check-In tab.
  • To save the adjustments, select the passenger seat and click OK.
  • Online health status disclosure.
  • Click the checkbox to confirm your agreement with the products and prohibited materials.
  • Complete the Spirit Airlines check-in by adding your checked baggage and paying the baggage cost.
  • Click the Print option to generate your boarding pass right away. Your online check-in was successful.
  • For online check-in, click here: https://www.spirit.com/home-check-in

Spirit Airlines Mobile App Check–In

Passengers can complete Spirit web checks through the Spirit Airlines mobile app. Passengers must complete Spirit Airlines mobile check-in starting 24 hours and 60 minutes before the scheduled departure and receive the mobile boarding pass on their mobile device. Passengers can use the Spirit mobile check-in option if

  • The first flight segment is with Spirit Airlines, and the passengers have electronic tickets.
  • Using the six-digit reference code, e-ticket number, or SpiritClub Mileage Number, passengers can view their reservation.
  • The passengers have requested no special services or needs. Wheelchair accessibility, unaccompanied minors, etc.
  • Traveler leaving from a location where Spirit Airlines offers mobile check-in boarding passes.

Spirit Airlines Flight Check-In with Voice

If the passengers do not have internet or mobile device access, Spirit flight check-in with voice offers a quick and simple check-in for your Spirit Airlines trip booking. Spirit voice check-in is available to travelers on any domestic route with less than 10 passengers on their PNR. Passengers must complete Spirit Airlines mobile check-in 24 hours and 60 minutes before the planned departure to obtain their boarding card on their registered email.

With voice check-in, travelers can specify the number of bags they need to check in, hear the cost of the baggage allowance, and arrange for their boarding passes to be sent to them via email or picked up at a Spirit check-in kiosk.

How to check in to Spirit Airlines with Voice?

  • To begin the flight check-in process, dial the Spirit check-in number.
  • Provide the Spirit Airlines executive with your six-digit reference code.
  • Tell the agent where you want to sit and let them know about your health so they can update the flight record system.
  • The agent will ask you to consent to the restricted items and the goods.
  • Provide the flight executive with information on your checked baggage since you must pay the checked baggage fee over the phone.
  • The agent will send the boarding pass to your registered email address, so check it. Your online check-in was successful.

Spirit Curbside Check-In

Nearly all US airports allow curbside check-in for Spirit Airlines flights starting four hours before departure and continuing until 30 minutes before departure. Passengers may need a government-issued photo ID, the six-digit Spirit Airlines confirmation code, the flight number, or the e-ticket number to complete the check-in process. Visit the Spirit Airlines website for additional information on the US participating airport list and the minimum check-in time.

Spirit Kiosk Check-In

The self-service kiosks in every US airport are an additional convenient means of checking in for your Spirit Airlines reservation. Suppose a traveler is uncomfortable checking in online with Spirit Airlines or encountering restrictions. In that case, they can check in at the airport using the kiosk machine up to four hours and sixty minutes before the departure time.

How Do I check in with the Kiosk?

Nearly all US airport locations allow passengers to check in for Spirit Airlines flights starting four hours before departure and continuing until 30 minutes before takeoff. Passengers may need a government-issued photo ID, the airline’s six-digit confirmation code, their flight number, or their e-ticket number to complete the check-in process. Everything you must do is –

  • Visit the Spirit flight check-in kiosk or the ticket counter in person
  • Provide your reservation information so the airline representative can locate your reservation
  • Tell the agent where you want to sit and let them know about your health so they can update the flight record system.
  • A boarding pass will be provided to you. To begin boarding after check-in, leave your luggage at the desk and make the necessary payment for checked baggage.
  • Take your boarding pass with you as you head to the main security gate

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