Allegiant Air Flight Change Policy

Any of us may experience unexpected, unforeseen events, necessitating modifying or canceling our travel plans. You don’t have to be concerned about flight change or cancellation-related services when using Allegiant Air. However, to use Allegiant Air’s flight change or cancellation services without difficulty, you must be aware of their change flight policy. Knowing Allegiant Air’s flight change policy will make changing, amending, or canceling your flight very simple and convenient. Read on to comprehend the changing flight policy and its nuances fully.

Change My Flight on Allegiant Air

“How to change my flight on Allegiant,” in your thoughts. Don’t worry; Allegiant Air offers both an online and an offline option for adjustments and amendments to the flight reservation. The traveler has complete discretion and may select any option to adjust the flight reservation that suits their convenience and preferences. With Allegiant Air, customers may fully manage their reservations and change existing ones. Allegiant Air’s knowledgeable and attentive staff will do everything possible to answer all your reservation inquiries.

Allegiant Air to change flight online

Allegiant Air allows passengers to submit their requests for flight adjustments or amendments online. This approach is the most practical and simple for any user or passenger; you can easily submit requests for modifications and changes through Allegiant Air’s official website or mobile app. The website and mobile app are created so anyone can use them easily to take advantage of flight changes, adjustments, or any other Allegiant Air services. You can do everything with just a few clicks.

Steps are:

  •    Start by going to Allegiant Air’s official website (
  •    To log into your Allegiant Air account, provide the ticketed passenger’s last name and confirmation code.
  •    Find “Manage Travel.”
  •    Select the flight that you want to change.
  •    Make your choice for the new flight you want to take right now.

To finish the process, here are the additional on-screen directions and steps.

  •    Pay the flight change fee (if necessary) and the price difference between the original and new flights (if any).
  •    In the end, get a phone call or postal confirmation for your new airline reservation.

Allegiant Air Change Flight via Offline

Many of you might still choose the time-honored method of purchasing tickets. Customers and travelers of Allegiant Air can now make modifications and amendments to their flight reservations offline. Many travelers find the offline option to be more convenient and secure. To request a change or amendment to a flight reservation, you may visit the Allegiant Air booking office or kiosk at the closest airport or contact Allegiant Air customer support. The committed employees and representatives of Allegiant Air will provide passengers with complete assistance and direction throughout the flight change/amendment process and for any other booking-related questions. If you are already waiting at the airport, choose the offline option, which is convenient.

Allegiant Air Flight Change Fee

Are you interested in the specifics and pricing schedule for Allegiant Air flight changes? To learn the solution to this query, continue reading. Passengers must be aware of the charges of the chosen airlines in advance so they may make appropriate plans, as different airlines have varying charges for different services given.

Find all the information about Allegiant Air’s flight change charge and penalty below if you have chosen to travel with them. Before using any services, you must understand the fees and penalties.

  • Suppose a customer or passenger requests a flight change within seven days of the original departure date. In that case, they will not be eligible for any future travel credits under Allegiant Air’s policy.
  • However, you can modify your flight tickets, provided you paid a TripFlex fare for your reservation.
  • Up to seven days before the originally scheduled flight departure, a passenger or customer may modify or cancel their flight reservation.
  • Depending on the availability of seats, a portion of the ticket may be changed for a $75 change fee.
  • You are exempt from change fees or penalties if you purchase the TripFlex fare type.
  • However, TripFlex price members are permitted to modify their flight reservations up to 72 hours before the original scheduled departure.
  • For owners of TripFlex tickets, any modifications are subject to availability.

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