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There may be times when you need to change or cancel your airline reservation due to unforeseeable circumstances. Lufthansa Airlines is always ready to support and provide aid in situations like this. The Lufthansa flight change policy streamlines the flight change procedure and lists all the important factors that a traveller should consider.

Changing Lufthansa Flight

Need advice on changing a Lufthansa flight? You have two alternatives for amending your flight reservation with Lufthansa Airlines, so don’t worry. The first alternative is to submit a change or amendment request online through Lufthansa airlines official website or mobile app. The offline manner of requests for changes and revisions is the second choice.

How to change a Lufthansa Flight?

As was already indicated, there are two ways for passengers to alter flights with Lufthansa Airlines. The details listed below will explain how to change a flight on Lufthansa. The procedure for changing a flight reservation online and offline is outlined below. Passengers can modify their flight utilizing any mode according to their convenience and preferences (online or offline). Below is a detailed description of every aspect of the Lufthansa flight change policy.

Lufthansa flight change online:

This procedure is the quickest and most practical way to change bookings and flights with Lufthansa Airlines. Travelers can easily edit and change their reservations online while lounging in the luxury of their own homes with a few clicks. Through the internet approach, a traveller can purchase new tickets and manage their existing bookings with Lufthansa Airlines.

• On the airline’s official website (, look for the triple-lined icon next to the “Menu” option.

• Locate the “book and manage” option and select it.

• Click the “see & modify flight details” button to continue.

• Log in to your account with Lufthansa Airlines.

• You must also enter the ticketed passenger’s last name when selecting the booking code option and click the “submit” button.

• Enter your email address and password.

• Make all the modifications and amendments you wish to your flight reservation after entering your ID and password and logging in.

• Select a new flight for your reservation, pay the additional fees, and the difference in flight rates (if any).

• In the end, a letter confirming your new flight reservation.

Lufthansa changed flight Via offline:

The oldest and most conventional method of booking a flight with an airline is always available to customers. Lufthansa airline also offers the option of offline ticket purchase through its booking center or kiosk located at the closest airport. Customers can use the Lufthansa flight change phone number to make ticket reservations. Your flight change process or any other booking-related question will be helped and assisted by the committed Lufthansa representatives and staff members at the airport as well as over the phone. For some travellers, the offline way of changing flights may be more practical and preferred.

Lufthansa Same Day Flight Change

The Lufthansa same-day flight change service allows customers to modify their flight reservations on the day of the original trip, provided that they do so at least one hour prior to the original departure time. If a wise traveller needs to adjust their flight reservation, they will always use Lufthansa’s same-day flight change service.

The passenger’s alternative flight of choice shall run between and on the same dates as the original ticket purchase.

If a traveller uses one of the many methods to check in, they cannot choose an earlier flight change option (online or offline).

The same-day flight change service is unavailable for long-haul or route flights. Each passenger must pay the necessary fees and the different flight rates per Lufthansa Airlines’ terms and conditions (if applicable).

Lufthansa Flight Change Charges

If the terms of the passenger’s paid tariff or ticket permit, changes can be made to all flights booked with Lufthansa Airlines. Changes can be made with Lufthansa flights up to an hour before the departure of the real-time planned flight.

Lufthansa occasionally permitted route changes, depending on the terms of the fare or ticket. However, if you alter the course of your flight, the cost of your old and new tickets may change. This difference, along with any additional adjustment costs that may be required, is included in the revised ticket price. The change fee and costs are based on your purchased tariff or ticket type.

Below is a list of the different modifications and conditions of the Lufthansa Airlines change charge structure.

• Cost to modify a flight date with Lufthansa: €50 EUR/$70 CHF/$60 USD

• For switching to a Same-Day fare type, add €150/220 CHF.

• No cost for changing your destination.

• Cost of cancellation, mile refund, and new deposit: EUR 50, CHF 70, and USD 60

• Exclusions/Waivers: “Amount for some awards fares may change or be waived.”

• The shortened flight awards cannot be changed or cancelled by passengers.

• Cost of nearby reservations: Free