25 Ideas to Make Your Guest Room Feel Like a Hotel [2024]

Make your guest bedroom into a spa-like haven fit for kings and queens to give your guests a truly 5-star experience. Change the furniture, hang some original art, and get new sheets to make sure your guest room has all the high-end features you’d expect to find in a high-end hotel.

With a few fancy accessories and designer touches, that bedroom that’s not being used can quickly become a warm and inviting place for your guests to enjoy.

Guest Bedroom Accessories

1. Breakfast Tray

Having breakfast in bed is a nice treat that most people enjoy. You can give your friends some much-needed me time by putting a breakfast tray in their room.

These flexible and useful bed trays are made with legs that fit over your lower body when you’re sitting up in bed. They do taste like 5-star luxury. There are a lot of different types and designs of breakfast trays to choose from. Most of them look the same and have legs that can be folded up when not in use.

Choose trays that are big enough to fit a breakfast plate, a juice glass, and a coffee cup without being too heavy or too big. Also, pick trays made of high-quality materials like solid wood that are easy to clean and look great.

2. Coffee Machine

Coffee machines are very useful and easy to use. They don’t take up much room and can make a lot of coffee at once. Most of the time, you can find filter machines in hotel rooms. These kinds of appliances would be useful and inexpensive to have in your spare bedroom.

Giving your friend ground coffee means all they have to do is add water for a clean, tasty cup of coffee. You can also get rich, tasty coffee from pod-style coffee machines. The pods can be stored neatly and creatively to make your desk or designated beverage area look more interesting.

3. Fragrance Diffuser

When these liquid air fresheners are turned on, they keep releasing a scent into the air, making your guests’ rooms smell nice. A small group of wooden reeds that soak up the scent from oil and spread a nice smell through the air is often found in light and airy fragrance diffusers.

Fragrance diffusers make your guest bedrooms smell like a spa. They are easy on the nose and don’t last as long as candles or sprays. To make a fancy atmosphere, pick scents that come from nature. To make your guests feel right at home, pick scents that go with the seasons.

4. Full-Length Mirror

A full-length mirror will make your guests feel right at home. One of the best things about being away is having time to get dressed up in comfort. Full-length mirrors are standard in high-end hotels so that guests can check out how they look before they leave.

Choose the best quality mirror you can afford, whether it’s mounted on the wall or stands alone. You may also want to think about adding decorative frames to fit your decor. There might not be room for a dressing table in your guest room. Instead, put your full-length mirror near the bed and power outlets so your guests can sit down while they style their hair or put on makeup.

5. Nightstand Clock

Get a desk clock instead of a wake-up call if you don’t want to wake up your guests. This is so that even the most sleepy early risers can quickly check the time in the dark many hotels have digital clocks that are easy to see.

Many nightstand clocks come with radios built in. This way, your guests can be gently woken up by their favorite station, and they can also use them as separate radios when they’re just resting or getting ready to go out.

As you choose a nightstand clock, make sure it is simple to use and clear to see. Also, make sure the wires are neatly tucked out of the way and the clock can be quickly plugged in.

6. Nightstand Lamps

Before we go to sleep, our bodies work better when there is less light around. Nightstand lamps are warmer and less intrusive than ceiling lights. They help us relax and drift off to sleep by making the room feel calm and peaceful.

You can get a standard lamp with pretty pendants that direct the light through the top and bottom to get rid of glare, or you can get a spotlight-style lamp that can be pointed at one spot, which is better for reading.

Also, lamps can make a bedroom look much better, and many hotels use bases that are too big to make a statement. If you want to change the look of your room, you can dress up or down your neutral-colored lamp bases by adding different hanging shades.

Heavy, solid clay bases make the lamps look expensive and interesting, and modern metal spotlights give them a cool look that’s great for people who like to read in bed.

7. Safe

A strong and sturdy hotel safe is small and won’t draw attention to itself. It gives your guests a safe place to keep their valuables. A guest should never feel like their valuables, like passports, money, jewelry, or gadgets, are at risk while they are staying with you. However, an in-room safe will give them peace of mind.

These small safes are made of very strong steel and usually have live door bolts and hinges that are hard to pry open. Most models also come with reprogrammable digital access that gets rid of the need for keys. There are bolts on many hotel-style safes that let you fix them to the wall or floor if you want to make it a more permanent feature. If you don’t, you can hide them in closets or nightstands.

Furniture for A Guest Bedroom

8. Bed Bench

Bedroom benches, also called end-of-bed benches, give your guest room a classic hotel feel. If you use different fabrics, they can also add a little something extra to your room’s style.

Most bedroom benches are either simple benches or ottomans, or a mix of the two so that you can store things inside and under them. They’re also a great place to sit while getting ready, and you can use them to hang your bags. Bed benches are very useful because they can be used to store blankets and throw pillows, and they can also be used as a place for pets to sleep at the end of the bed.

9. Luggage Rack

A suitcase rack will give your guests a place to put their bags down. A luggage rack is a place to put your bag or trunk while you unpack. You can often find them in nice hotel rooms. With these racks, you can easily get to your dirty cases without having to put clean bed covers on top of dirty ones. The height is just right, too.

These guest room additions have a strong metal frame and leather or synthetic straps that can easily hold the weight of a full-size bag. They are easy to fold away when not in use.

10. Comforter Mattress

A good mattress is important for a good night’s sleep. Each guest will have their own tastes, but most high-end hotels choose memory foam beds because they are more supportive and more comfortable. Spend as much money as you can on a mattress and never settle for less.

If you want your hotel to feel like a five-star getaway, look for pillow-top mattresses with a memory foam cover that will mold to the shape of your guests for a perfect night’s sleep every time. Deep mattresses give your bed or sofa base more height, which makes it feel like you’re really “climbing” into bed. Make sure your mattress is the right size for your base so it doesn’t move around while you sleep.

11. Nightstand

At nightstands, you can easily put beautiful bedside lamps that not only look great but also give off a soft glow that will help your guests relax before they go to sleep.

You can keep a glass of water, glasses, phones, chargers, and other important things safe on a bedside table. They also have drawers or closets that can be used for extra storage. Pick nightstands that go with your furniture and decor, and fix up or get rid of old, worn-out tables to give your guest bedroom a chic look.

12. Vanities

There should be enough room in your guest bedroom for a vanity unit. Your guests will love the extravagance that they offer. A vanity with a mirror gives each guest who stays with you a little “me time” by giving them a place to put their favorite makeup, perfumes, and style tools. As close to a power outlet as possible and if you can, put the vanity in front of a window to get fresh air.

Vanities come in many styles and sizes. Your guests will love how useful it is, no matter if you choose an old piece for a shabby chic look or something more modern.

13. Vanity Chair

The best vanities come with chairs so you can get ready for the day or night in a place that is both useful and comfortable. Your friends will love how special it feels to have a table all to themselves. The vanity adds style and substance, and the vanity chair adds texture and depth.

You can choose a velvet wingback chair for extra luxury, a modern minimalist straight-back chair, or even just a well-padded stool. Vanity chairs not only complete the look and feel of your dressing area, but they also give you extra seating when you need it.

Choose fabrics and patterns that go with your vanity unit and the rest of your furniture, and spend your money on the best seats you can find. It will last for years and years and look great.

14. Wall Art

The artwork you pick out for your guest room will help set the mood and tone. Placing a piece of art in the right place can make empty walls look interesting right away and give your guest room more depth and texture. Some high-end hotels use wall art as part of their brand, and some are so careful about how they choose their pieces that you can see as many as you would in a show.

Choose pieces for your guest bedroom that make you feel calm and at ease so your guests feel welcome and at ease. Also, choose pieces that go with your existing decor so it doesn’t look like it was added on at the last minute.

Guest Bedroom Soft Furnishings

15. Mat for the bath

Style up getting out of the tub with a bath mat that looks like it came from a hotel. Your guests will feel like they’re walking on air. These beauties are bigger and thicker than regular bathmats. They give you a 5-star experience and make your bathroom look instantly more luxurious.

For a big exit, choose from high-end fabrics like Egyptian cotton, thick terry toweling, high-density microfiber, or even memory foam. Pure white or pastel colors will instantly make your bathroom look better. Not only are hotel bath mats soft and fluffy, but they also have non-slip bottoms that keep you from slipping or falling. The flat-woven edges keep them from breaking so you and your guests can enjoy luxury for a long time.

16. Bedsheets

One of the best parts of any trip is slipping into clean hotel beds. You can feel that way again when you get your hotel bed sheets. Most high-end hotels use cotton percale sheets with a thread count of 250 to 600 or cotton sateen sheets with a thread count of 300 to 600. These sheets are made to be soft, strong, and very pretty.

17. Blankets

When the weather changes, hotel pillows that are thick, heavy, and soft to the touch will help your guests sleep well. The warm blankets in hotel closets are made from materials like ultra-plush polyester, pure merino wool, or ultra-soft micro-fleece.

You can use these blankets to keep your guests warm at home as well. To go with your hotel sheets, pick simple patterns or plain colors. Then, put your blanket at the foot of the bed to add some interest to the room’s decor. For a truly luxurious night’s sleep, look for blankets that feel high-end and pick the best quality you can afford.

18. Comforter

Hotel-style comforters are thick, soft, and luxurious, and the inside of these quilted blankets that are too big has an insulating filling. You can get them in plain white or with bright prints and patterns. They are made to be thrown on the bed and cover the whole sleeping area so you don’t need any other covers for a good night’s sleep.

Comforters are great for keeping warm on cold nights. They can be filled with natural down or synthetic fibers, and the outside can be made of cotton, polyester, or silk. These thick, heavy, double-layered blankets will add a touch of class to any guest bedroom and get rid of the need for extra sheets or blankets. They offer different levels of insulation.

19. Mattress Topper

With an instant mattress topper, you can turn any mattress into the bed of your dreams. You can pick from a lot of different types that offer extra padding and a very soft surface to sleep on.

Hotel mattress toppers are made to add a touch of luxury are as soft as down and have a lot of depth. You can use them to bring a tired mattress back to life, and because they come in all shapes and sizes, you can make any bedroom look more luxurious.

If you want your mattress toppers to stay put, look for ones with straps or corner tags. Many of them are anti-allergenic, which makes them perfect for people who have asthma or allergies.

20. Pillows

Fall into a deep sleep with a hotel pillow. They are available in a choice of options to suit the firmness you prefer, and most hotel pillows are filled with down or a synthetic alternative that will envelop your head in deluxe softness the minute it hits the pillow.

Featuring pure cotton covers or soft sateen that feels cool against the skin, pure white hotel pillows add a touch of sophistication to your bed. Choose from down-filled pillows for the ultimate 5-star feeling, or choose from anti-allergenic synthetic alternatives or even memory foam for pillows that are suitable for side, back, and front sleepers.

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21. Pillowcases

Complement your hotel pillow with a super soft pillowcase. Soft to the touch, hotel pillowcases are usually made from luxury cotton percale fabric with a closely woven 500-thread count for extra softness. Crisp and cool, these premium pillowcases have an enclosed enveloped design that wraps itself completely around the pillow for a sophisticated and upscale aesthetic.

Available in a range of sizes and colors, you could choose plain white pillowcases or up the luxury with an Oxford pillowcase that comes with an additional decorative fabric border. As your face will be in direct contact with your pillowcases, don’t scrimp on quality and buy the best you can afford for your guests to enjoy.

22. Robes

Hotel bathrobes are some of the best your money can buy, and being wrapped up in their super-soft luxury is one of the most delicious elements of any hotel stay. If you want to transform your guest bedroom into a 5-star spa, simply hang a pair of hotel bathrobes on the back of the door.

Most upscale hotels and spas provide their guests with high-quality knitted terry and velour fabrics that are super absorbent and perfect for throwing on after your bath or shower. Some hotels offer waffle-style cotton robes that are perfect for warmer weather and relaxing after a dip in the pool.

Oversized and designed to wrap you up entirely, these may not be the cheapest bathrobes out there, but your guests will certainly appreciate their comfort.

23. Shower Curtain

Hotel bathrooms can offer minimalist chic or sumptuous luxury and provide a few minutes of relaxing respite from the outside world. Let your guests enjoy a hot steamy shower in your guest bathroom with a hotel shower curtain that is not only practical but good-looking, too.

25 Ideas to Make Your Guest Room Feel Like a Hotel

These hotel shower curtains are often seen in pure white or soft cream and have a heavy, high-quality feel. and offer increased seclusion. Your hotel shower curtain should glide effortlessly along the rail, and features such as a weighted bottom will ensure that it hangs beautifully while preventing water from splashing all over the floor.

Made from polyester or vinyl materials, these shower curtains are often lined on the inside with a waffle pattern on the outside, and most importantly, they are easy to clean to ensure they always look radiant. or the protection of your guests and your satisfaction, choose a shower curtain that also offers anti-mildew and anti-fungal properties to ensure that it offers 5-star quality for many years to come.

24. Towels

Much like hotel bathrobes, the towels found in hotel bathrooms always feel super soft and incredibly sumptuous. Oversized and super absorbent, they are usually made from thick, absorbent terry material and pure white for a feeling of luxury and cleanliness.

Available in a variety of sizes, impress your guests with a matching set consisting of washcloths measuring 13 x 13 inches, hand towels measuring around 16 x 30 inches, and bath sheets that are usually 27 x 54 inches (and sometimes even bigger).

With fray-free edges, super-absorbent construction, and made from a material that stays soft and fluffy after every wash, your guests will thank you for investing in hotel-quality bath towels.

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25. Washcloths

These perfectly petite mini towels are designed to be used in the water for washing. They can be used to clean makeup off of the face, and their towel-like quality can scrub off dead skin cells and embed dirt much more efficiently than just using hands alone.

Usually available to match the pure white gorgeousness of your hotel towels, these washcloths can withstand plenty of hot washes to ensure they are always super clean and hygienic without ever losing their softness. Washcloths add a spa-like quality to your guest bathroom — roll them up and store them in a basket or lay them flat so your guests can access them easily.

Final Thoughts

A well-designed guest bedroom should be uncluttered, comfortable, and beautiful enough to make your guests feel at home. By adding hotel-style furnishings, touchable textures, and your own personal interior design touches, you can create a high-end haven that your guests will adore.

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