Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

One airline that charges extra for the typical checked baggage and carry-on is Frontier Airlines. If you are unsure of the amount of baggage you will carry, you have at least 24 hours before departure to decide.

Please keep in mind that baggage fees only apply to one-way trips. (Passengers that take a roundtrip must pay two fees.)

The Frontier Airlines baggage rules include the following points:

  • Free of charge for one small carry-on item
  • One inexpensive little personal item
  • According to the terms and restrictions, there are charges for checked baggage.
  • Oversized baggage: Fees according to the oversize limit
  • Charges for overweight baggage that is under the overweight limit
  • Some sports equipment may be subject to a fee or charge.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Rules and Requirements for Carry-On Bags

According to Frontier Airlines baggage policies, you can bring one small personal item (such as a camera bag, laptop bag, briefcase, or handbag) without incurring additional fees. It costs money to travel with baggage. When making their reservation, passengers must pay a tax or charge for baggage. Frontier Airlines’ official website offers online payment options for passengers who have already purchased their tickets. Within 24 hours of departure, passengers may pay for their carry-on baggage at check-in time.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Size/dimensions and Weight Limit Restrictions for Carry-On Bags

  • Frontier Airlines’ carry-on bag dimensions (maximum allowed) are 24*16*10 inches or 61*41*25 cm, including the bag’s wheels and handles.
  • The passenger’s front seat or the overhead bin must accommodate the carry-on bag.
  • The size of the personal object cannot be more than 18*14*8 inches or 46*36*20 cm.
  • The personal item must also fit underneath the passenger’s front seat.
  • The term “carry-on baggage limit” does not include items like duty-free goods, jackets, assistance devices (such as crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, child restraint seats, strollers, etc.), and an umbrella.
  • The bulkhead seats do not have an under-seat storage area, so please be aware. Passengers must store their carry-on bags in the overhead bin during take-off and landing.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Rules and Requirements for Checked Bags

Frontier Airlines charges a cost for checked bags, which can be paid when booking your tickets. The passenger may pay online straight through Frontier Airlines’ official website if they have previously purchased their tickets. You can pay at the same time as checking in if you do so more than 24 hours before the flight.

Frontier Baggage Weight Limit and Size/dimensions Restrictions for Checked Baggage

  • The length, width, and height combined for Frontier Airlines’ checked baggage measure 157 cm, or 62 inches.
  • 50 pounds or 23 kilograms is the maximum weight limit for checked baggage on Frontier Airlines.

Frontier Baggage Fees/charges

Frontier has varying baggage fees for checked and carry-on items. Depending on the type of ticket purchased, the destination of the flight, membership in the Frontier frequent flyer program, membership with any partner airlines, possession of a Frontier Airlines sponsored charge or credit card, or status as an active U.S. military member or dependent, a fee may be assessed by Frontier. According to the airline’s policy, the full structure of the baggage charges for Frontier may be found below.

Frontier Airlines Carry on Baggage Fees 

  • If you decide to add the carry-on baggage allowance at the time of ticket purchase or online check-in, there is a USD 30 cost.
  • If passengers purchase the carry-on baggage allowance directly from the ticket purchasing kiosk or counter, they must pay a fee/charge of USD 40.
  • If you decide to purchase the carry-on baggage allowance at the airport gate, Frontier Airlines will charge you a cost of USD 60.

Frontier Airlines has various carry-on baggage fees throughout the holidays. The cost increases to USD 35 at the time of booking, $ USD 40 at the time of online check-in, and USD 45 at the kiosk or counter where you purchase tickets at the airport. Fees for Frontier Airlines’ checked bags

The cost of checked baggage varies depending on how many bags you intend to bring. The price and fees for checked bags are broken down below based on the quantity of bags.

First Baggage

If a passenger chooses to purchase the checked baggage allowance at the time of ticket purchase or online check-in, they will be required to pay a fee/charge of USD 25.

The USD 30 cost for the checked baggage allowance must be paid at the airport ticket desk or kiosk.

Second baggage

If you decide to purchase the checked baggage allowance at the time of the initial reservation or during online check-in, there will be a fee/charge of USD 30.

The service of checked baggage allowance costs USD 80 when purchased at an airport ticket counter or kiosk.

Frontier extra baggage fee

If the traveler agrees to bring three or more bags, there is a Frontier additional baggage cost.

The traveler must pay a fee/charge of USD 75 to purchase the checked baggage allowance at the time of ticket purchase or online check-in.

If you want to purchase the checked baggage allowance at the airport ticket booking kiosk/counter, there is a fee/charge of USD 80.

Frontier Airlines Overweight Baggage Fees

According to Frontier Airlines’ baggage regulations, baggage that weighs more than the usual limit of 23 kilos or 50 pounds is subject to a USD 75 fine. The price remains the same until the weight limit of 46 kilos or 100 pounds. As a rule, Frontier Airlines severely prohibits the check-in of any suitcase that weighs more than 46 kilos or 100 pounds

Frontier Airlines’ Oversize Baggage Fees

If the bag’s dimensions are greater than 160-204 centimeters, an additional USD 75 is required. Frontier Airlines will not accept any bag as checked baggage if its dimensions surpass 204 centimeters or 80 linear inches.

You must have learned everything there is to know about Frontier Airlines’ baggage policy by reading the abovementioned article. However, you can call the Frontier Airlines baggage phone number if you have any questions or need clarification about the airline’s fee policy and structure.

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