JetBlue Baggage Policy

Bringing a lot of baggage on your trip? We have your back. Discover all the details you require on JetBlue baggage policy, including information on checked bags, carry-on luggage, excess baggage limitations from point A to point B, and much more. Let’s comprehend the key points of JetBlue’s baggage regulations for both local and international flights:

  • According to JetBlue’s baggage policy, the airline will decide whether or not any baggage, whether checked or carry-on, can be transported in the aircraft based on its weight, size, and contents.
  • Carry-on baggage from JetBlue must be stowed in the overhead bins or beneath the seat.
  • The customer is solely responsible for their hand baggage per JetBlue carry-on baggage policies.
  • The only flight on which JetBlue will accept check-in baggage is the one carrying the passenger.
  • A label with the passenger’s name, address, JetBlue flight booking number, and phone number must also be attached to each JetBlue baggage issued to an aircraft.
  • Any carrier that does not comply with JetBlue’s baggage dimensions and baggage allowance will not accept the item as baggage for transportation.
  • According to JetBlue’s flight change policy, if a passenger requests a change in the date, time, or location of their flight, JetBlue may adjust its baggage policy to reflect the new travel schedule.
  • The baggage fee reimbursement would only be applied to the selected fares per JetBlue’s cancellation policy.
  • Under no circumstances would JetBlue waive the baggage fee for the restricted fare.


JetBlue Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage

The carry-on baggage rules for JetBlue have just been modified, so carefully evaluate the following factors.

  • One personal item, such as a small bag, backpack, laptop bag, long coat, umbrella, or pet carrier that fits beneath the seat, is included with every fare.
  • The total size of the JetBlue bag for the personal item cannot be greater than 43 x 33 x 20 cm, with handles, pockets, and wheels included.
  • Except for JetBlue Basic prices, every fare includes a single carry-on bag.
  • The carry-on bag must not exceed 7 kg in weight and must not exceed 55 x 35 x 22 cm in size.
  • Carry-on bags are excluded from JetBlue Basic prices booked after February 25, 2021. However, the following would be exempt from the JetBlue baggage policy:

           § Mosaic members

           § Military baggage travellers on JetBlue

           § Unaccompanied minors

           § Users of the Even More Space seating programme who purchase JetBlue Basic fares

  • Pet carriers approved by the airline may be brought on board by passengers who added a pet to their JetBlue Basic ticket reservation.
  • A 65 USD JetBlue check-in baggage fee will be charged to passengers travelling on Basic fare bookings with carry-on baggage.

Checked Baggage

According to the JetBlue baggage rules,

Up to two pieces of baggage may be checked by passengers from the time of booking until they arrive at the airport.

By paying in advance on or the mobile booking app, travellers can save 20% off the baggage fees if the fare does not include a checked bag.

The maximum weight and dimension restrictions for JetBlue checked bags are 68 linear inches or 158 cm and 22.68 lb, respectively.

JetBlue Baggage Fees

Only checked bags added at the airport or within 24 hours of the scheduled flight departure would be subject to JetBlue baggage fees.

Are you looking for a JetBlue baggage price reduction? Up to 2 checked bags may be added in advance for a discount of $5 per bag. 

Please be aware that JetBlue baggage costs are only refundable if the entire flight reservation is cancelled before take-off. Here is a summary of JetBlue’s baggage fees following its baggage policy:

Overview of JetBlue’s Lost Baggage

The traveller will not be eligible for a JetBlue baggage claim in the event of significant loss, delay, or damage to the checked baggage unless:


Not later than four hours following the flight’s arrival, the passenger must alert JetBlue baggage claim or escalate the situation and get a JetBlue missing baggage status number.

Not later than 21 days following the occurrence of the event giving rise to the JetBlue baggage claim, passengers must submit to the airline their JetBlue baggage lost/delayed report receipt.

Passengers must fill out a loss claim form within 30 days of the event if their baggage is lost on a JetBlue flight.

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