American Airlines Premium Economy: An Overview On It!

In May 2017, American Airlines was the first big U.S. airline to offer a real luxury economy class. America didn’t waste any time putting this new product on the market; by the end of 2018, it would be on more than 100 planes. Premium economy seats have now been placed on all of American Airlines’ Boeing 777 and 787 planes that fly between countries.

You might be wondering what the difference is between premium economy and regular economy if you’re new to America. Today we’re going to look at American Airlines’ premium economy seats, meals, and perks, along with some frequently asked questions about how it all works.

American Airlines Premium Economy Seats

When you book American Airlines luxury economy, one of the best things about it is that the seats are bigger and wider than in economy. American put Collins Aerospace MiQ seats in its luxury economy product. These seats are a bit wider than its economy seats, which are about 16 to 18 inches.

Also, the pitch of premium seats is about 38 inches, while the pitch of economy seats is about 31 to 32 inches. This makes more room for your legs and lets you relax further. If this seat looks like one you’ve seen before, it’s because American Airlines uses the same type of seat for first-class seats in its updated domestic fleet.

There are a few ways in which these American Airlines premium economy seats are better than these local first-class seats. The best thing about premium economy seats is that they have an entertainment screen and remote, while local first-class seats only have a place to put a tablet. Also, every luxury economy seat has either a footrest or a legrest.

American put between 21 and 28 luxury economy seats in three to four rows, depending on the type of plane. American Airlines put eight seats in each row on Boeing 777 planes, with two on each side of the window and four in the middle. American’s 787 planes, on the other hand, have seven seats per row, set up 2-3-2. In either case, couples will want to sit together in the windows, while families are more likely to want to sit in the middle.

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American Airlines Premium Economy Menu

“Chef-inspired dining” and free beer, wine, and spirits are available in American Airlines’ luxury economy. American will serve three-course meals on long-haul foreign flights, with real metal silverware on top of white tablecloths. American Airlines’ premium economy tickets are on par with some airlines’ business class tickets when you add in their good drink choices.

The meal isn’t this good on all lines with premium economy service, which is too bad. Because American chooses the type of meal based on the area and distance, some people in the premium economy get the same food and drinks as people in the economy. For instance, the food in first class on a recent flight from Dallas to Bogota didn’t seem “chef-inspired.”

Amenities and other perks

People who fly American Airlines’ premium economy get bigger seats, a Casper sleep set, an amenity kit, and headphones on some international trips.

  • Premium Economy Sleep Set: American Airlines gives people in the luxury economy a Casper sleep set. You won’t get as many items in this sleep set as in business or first class, but the back pillow and “day blanket” are nice touches that you won’t find in the economy.
  • Premium economy amenity kit: American Airlines has worked with Shinola and D.S. & Durga to make its amenity kits since May 2021. Socks, an eye mask, hand and body lotion, a dentist kit, earplugs, and a pen are in the amenity kit for premium economy. Once more, American Airlines does not give luxury kits on all of their premium economy flights.

America says that amenity kits are only given out on foreign flights. This means that premium economy flights to Hawaii and Alaska would not get an amenity kit. Another thing is that American Airlines premium economy passengers on some short-haul foreign routes don’t get an amenity kit.

Other Perks of American Airlines Premium Economy

  • Headphones: People who fly American Airlines in the luxury economy get “noise-reducing headphones.” This perk is only available on certain paths.
  • Priority check-in and boarding: You can use the Priority check-in line and board during Group 4 priority boarding if you are an American Airlines premium economy traveler.

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If You Want to Book American Airlines’ Luxury Economy…

American companies are one of many companies that have narrowed economy seats and added real premium economy seats over the past few years. This is a better way to fly than the economy, but not nearly as expensive as business class. American, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines all offer it.

Keep in mind that not all of the perks come with every American Airlines premium economy ticket and that the availability of these perks depends a lot on the trip route. On flights to Hawaii, Alaska, and even some foreign routes, you may only get economy meals and a few other amenities.

This means that an American Airlines premium economy experience isn’t worth much more than a roomier seat. To fully enjoy the premium dining and onboard amenities, you must fly on an eligible long-haul international trip.

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