A Comprehensive Guide to Spirit Airlines Seating

Legroom can make or break a passenger’s comfort during a flight, especially on airlines known for their high-density seating configurations. Spirit Airlines, a popular low-cost carrier, offers two main seating options with varying levels of legroom to accommodate diverse passenger preferences. In this guide, we delve into Spirit’s seating options and provide insights into securing extra legroom for a more comfortable journey.

Understanding Spirit Airlines Seating Options

Spirit Airlines operates a fleet of Airbus A320 family aircraft configured with standard economy seats and premium seating options. The standard economy seats, also known as “deluxe leather” seats, offer a pitch of 28 inches and a width of 16 inches, providing a basic level of comfort for passengers.

For travelers seeking additional legroom, Spirit Airlines offers “Big Front Seats” located at the front of the aircraft. These spacious seats promise up to 32% more legroom than standard economy seats, making them an attractive option for passengers prioritizing comfort during their flight.

Navigating Seat Selection and Upgrades

Seat selection on Spirit Airlines is primarily determined by random assignment at check-in, with the option to request specific seats for an additional fee. While standard economy seats incur lower fees, upgrades to Big Front Seats come at a higher cost, ranging from $12 to $900 when booked in advance.

Alternatively, passengers can opt for exit row seats, which offer extra legroom at a more affordable price compared to Big Front Seats. These seats are located in specific rows across the cabin and provide approximately 35 inches of pitch, enhancing passenger comfort without the premium price tag.

Optimizing Legroom by Aircraft Type

Spirit Airlines’ fleet consists of various Airbus A320 family aircraft, each offering unique seating configurations and dimensions. From the A319 to the A321neo, passengers can expect varying seat capacities, pitches, and widths across different aircraft types.

By understanding the seat dimensions and layouts of each aircraft type, passengers can make informed decisions when selecting seats and optimizing legroom for a more enjoyable flight experience.


Unlocking the secrets of legroom on Spirit Airlines involves navigating the airline’s seating options, understanding seat selection processes, and maximizing comfort within budget constraints. Whether opting for standard economy seats, Big Front Seats, or exit row seats, passengers can tailor their travel experience to suit their preferences and enjoy a more relaxing journey from takeoff to touchdown.

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