Maximizing Award Travel: Tips for Booking Infant Fares and Understanding Fees

Booking award travel can be a complex yet rewarding endeavor, especially when considering factors like infant fares and associated fees. In this comprehensive guide, we address reader questions and provide insights into optimizing award bookings using various airline programs.

Navigating Award Bookings with Infants

Search Strategies for Austrian Business Class

Utilizing for Star Alliance award space offers a viable approach for finding Austrian business class availability. While phantom award availability may pose occasional challenges, leveraging United’s search platform remains effective for identifying desired flight options. Considering alternate carriers within the Star Alliance network also expands booking possibilities.

Understanding United’s Award Redeposit Fees

Despite recent adjustments to cancellation fees, United’s award redeposit fees remain unchanged at $150 per ticket. United Airlines has emerged as a preferred option for booking awards, offering flexibility and accessibility within the Ultimate Rewards program.

Booking Infant Fares

When planning international travel with infants, navigating ticketing policies becomes paramount. United Airlines advises waiting until after the child’s birth to finalize booking details, allowing for accurate documentation of the infant’s date of birth. While no change fees apply to adding a lap infant later, adherence to minimum age requirements ensures safe and seamless travel experiences.

Analyzing Infant Fare Costs

The calculation of infant fares involves nuances dependent on airline policies and fare types. Understanding the basis for determining infant fare percentages, whether based on revenue or mileage, proves essential for accurate cost assessment. Consultation with airline representatives facilitates clarity on specific fare components and associated charges.


Navigating award travel, especially with infants, requires meticulous planning and awareness of airline policies. By leveraging search platforms effectively, understanding fee structures, and adhering to booking protocols, travelers can optimize their award bookings and ensure a smooth travel experience for all parties involved.

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