Navigating Frequent Flyer Enrollment for Children

Embarking on the journey of frequent flyer miles at a young age holds the promise of exciting adventures and valuable rewards. However, enrolling children in frequent flyer programs entails unique considerations, as highlighted by recent discussions on FlyerTalk forums.

Enrolling Children in Frequent Flyer Programs

Navigating the process of creating frequent flyer accounts for children presents challenges rooted in legal and privacy frameworks. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) mandates stringent requirements for online data collection from individuals under the age of 13, influencing enrollment procedures across various airlines.

Enrollment Procedures Across Airlines

Diverse approaches to child enrollment are evident across major airlines, reflecting varying interpretations of COPPA compliance:

  • United Airlines: Implements an age threshold of 18 for independent enrollment, emphasizing parental involvement for minors under 18.
  • American Airlines and Southwest Airlines: Incorporate COPPA compliance measures directly into the enrollment process, requiring explicit acknowledgment and consent from parents or guardians.
  • Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines: Adopt proactive measures to prevent unauthorized enrollment by minors, leveraging age verification checks to ensure compliance with COPPA regulations.

Addressing Enrollment Challenges

While some airlines seamlessly integrate COPPA compliance measures into their online enrollment forms, others opt for alternative approaches to safeguard children’s privacy:

  • Delta Air Lines: Facilitates manual enrollment for minors through downloadable registration forms, mandating parental signatures for submission.
  • Alaska Airlines: Directs parents to contact customer service for child enrollment, ensuring personalized assistance and compliance with age verification protocols.


Enrolling children in frequent flyer programs necessitates meticulous adherence to legal requirements and privacy standards, as mandated by COPPA regulations. By implementing robust enrollment procedures and parental consent mechanisms, airlines strive to balance accessibility with stringent privacy safeguards, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for young travelers seeking to embark on their frequent flyer journey.

As the travel landscape continues to evolve, ongoing efforts to streamline enrollment procedures and enhance data protection measures remain imperative, fostering a conducive environment for family travel and rewarding experiences for all participants.

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