Singapore Airlines Boeing 787-10 Operations and Market Insights

Singapore Airlines has made significant strides in its aircraft acquisition strategy, particularly with its orders of Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Notably, its procurement of the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner has reshaped its operational dynamics and market presence. Let’s delve into the details of Singapore Airlines’ utilization of the Boeing 787-10 and its impact on the aviation industry.

Singapore Airlines Boeing 787-10 Acquisition

In a landmark move, Singapore Airlines announced a substantial investment exceeding $17 billion to acquire both Airbus A350-900 and Boeing 787-10 aircraft. While the latter awaited official launch by Boeing, Singapore Airlines conditioned its order upon the program’s initiation, intending to deploy the 787-10s primarily on medium-range routes.

Boeing 787-10 Program Launch

During the Paris Air Show, Boeing officially initiated the 787-10 program, prompting Singapore Airlines, among other prominent carriers, to uphold its orders. The airline stood among five entities, including Air Lease Corporation, General Electric Capital Aviation Services, British Airways, and United Airlines, to place orders for the innovative jet.

Operational Milestones

Boeing aimed for the inaugural delivery of the 787-10 in 2018. True to its objective, on March 25, 2018, Boeing ceremoniously delivered the first 787-10 to Singapore Airlines in North Charleston, South Carolina. Since then, Boeing has supplied a total of 96 787-10s to various global carriers, marking significant progress in the Dreamliner program.

Insights into Boeing 787-10 Operations

A detailed analysis of flight schedule data sourced from aviation analytics company Cirium for March 2024 provides insights into the operational dynamics of airlines operating the Boeing 787-10.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

  • Weekly flights: 128
  • Destinations: 12
  • Most popular destination: Multiple US airports and others.
  • Fleet size: 10 aircraft

Etihad Airways


  • Weekly flights: 214
  • Destinations: 11
  • Most popular destination: Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT)
  • Fleet size: 11 aircraft

United Airlines

  • Weekly flights: 224
  • Destinations: 12
  • Most popular destination: Frankfurt Airport (FRA)
  • Fleet size: 21 aircraft

Singapore Airlines


Singapore Airlines’ robust utilization of the Boeing 787-10 underscores its commitment to efficient fleet management and route optimization. As the largest operator of the 787-10, Singapore Airlines continues to set industry benchmarks in leveraging advanced aircraft technologies for enhanced passenger experiences and operational excellence.

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