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About 500 flights are operated out of the airport each day, mostly to Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Atlanta. Even though the airport has plenty of parking spaces, as more people begin to travel widely following the epidemic dip, the lots are becoming busier.

So where can I get parking at the Louisville, KY airport? How much does parking cost at Louisville Airport? Is parking off-site more reasonably priced? All that is answered by our parking guide for Louisville Airport!

Parking Alternatives at SDF Airport

The primary parking lots of SDF Airport are Surface Parking, Parking Garage, Premier, and Express Shuttle Parking. Levels 2-4 of the Parking Garage provide both long-term and short-term parking for the Louisville, KY airport. Long-term parking is best served by surface parking lots.

Additionally, there is a free shuttle service from this lot to the terminal. There are only long-term parking spaces available at the Premier Lot, which is on the east side of the terminal. Only credit card payments are accepted in Premier Lot, which is a short distance from the terminal.

There are approximately 970 long-term parking spaces available in the Express Shuttle Parking Lot. Free shuttle service is available from 4 a.m. daily until the final plane to arrive at the lot. If you want hassle-free parking at SDF Airport, go with the valet parking option. Get free airport parking for up to an hour by parking in the cell phone lot.

Where at Louisville Airport Is There Parking?

Louisville Airport Parking Guide

The sole lot at SDF Airport that offers both short-term and long-term parking is the Parking Garage, which is situated on levels 2-4. Long-term parking is available at the Surface Parking, Premier, and Express Shuttle Parking lots. There is a free shuttle service to the terminal from both Surface Parking Express Shuttle Parking sites. Additionally, the SDF Airport has a cell phone lot and a valet parking service.

How Much Does Airport Parking Cost in Louisville?

The lot and kind of parking you select will determine the SDF parking costs. There is free parking available for a brief time in each of the four primary parking lots. The hourly rate for parking at Louisville Airport is $2, while the daily rate can reach $24. To find out the cost of parking at Louisville Airport, continue reading this guide.

What Is the Cost of Louisville Airport’s Long-Term Parking?

The long-term parking costs at SDF Airport differ according to the parking lots you select. The cost of parking for a day can range from $8 to $24. Exclusive long-term parking spaces at Louisville Airport are available at Surface Parking, Premier, and Express Shuttle Parking lots. The cheapest long-term parking lot is Express Shuttle Parking, which charges $8 per day.

It costs $9 per day to use a long-term parking space in the Surface Lot. There is a free shuttle service to the terminal from each of these lots. Parking is available every day for $10 at Premier Lot. You will be charged $13 for long-term parking at the Parking Garage. There are accessible parking spaces in each of the primary parking lots.

The priciest long-term parking spaces are available via valet parking, which costs $24 per day. Are you trying to find a long-term, less expensive parking space? Then try making a reservation at one of the hotel parking lots or off-site facilities nearby.

Lot Duration SDF parking rate 
Express Shuttle Parking Per Day  $8 
Surface Per Day $9 
Premier Per Day $10 
Parking Garage Per Day $13 
Valet parking Per Day $24 
Offsite parking near SDF Airport Per Day $7 

What Is the Cost of Louisville Airport Short-Term Parking?

The airport’s Parking Garage is the only lot available for short-term parking. The lot offers free parking for the first ten minutes and is close to the terminal. Short-term parking after that costs $2 per hour. The hourly parking fee rises by $2 until it hits the $13 daily maximum. Would you want to reserve a less expensive, short-term parking space at SDF Airport?

Louisville Airport Parking Guide

Then make a reservation at any of the adjacent hotel parking lots or off-site facilities. The majority of these off-site parking lots charge less for short-term parking than their on-site counterparts. To learn more about Louisville Airport, keep reading our parking guide!

Lot Duration SDF parking rate 
Parking Garage First 10 minutes Free 
 Up to 1 hour $2 
 Every additional hour $2 

Concerning Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

More than three million passengers use SDF Airport, a civil-military airport, each year. The airport, which lies in Jefferson County, is about nine miles from Louisville’s downtown. The airport, which covers an area of around 1,500 acres, has three runways, two concourses, and the two-story Jerry E. Abramson terminal.

There are twelve gates on Concourse A and eleven on Concourse B. The arrivals area is located on the lower level of the terminal, while the departure level is located on the higher level. The airport is well-known for being the second busiest in the US and the fourth busiest in the world for cargo.

In 2019, the airport underwent a name change to Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport in observance of the well-known boxer and native of Louisville, Muhammad Ali. Before reading, are you considering how to get to the airport and pass the time? That’s covered by our parking guide for Louisville Airport!

How to Get to the Airport in Louisville

From Downtown Louisville, there are three ways to get to the airport: driving, taking a cab or ridesharing service, or using public transportation. Since there aren’t many public transit options that get you to the airport, driving can be a viable option. If you’re driving, it should take you about 15 to 20 minutes to arrive at SDF Airport. The quickest method to get to the airport while driving is to take the I-65 route.

However, keep a close eye on the traffic on the route to the airport. The route to the airport may be clogged during rush hours and on holidays. Moreover, don’t drive to the airport until you’ve secured a parking space. The inconvenience of rushing around the lots at the last minute is avoided. For additional information on how to get to the airport, continue reading our parking guide at Louisville Airport.

Services for Public Transportation

From Downtown, you can take a bus operated by the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) to the airport. The buses that provide services to the airport are Route 2. The bus stops at SDF Airport and connects via Second Street in Downtown. The trip to the airport typically takes forty minutes and costs about $1.75 one way.

Ridesharing/taxi Services

Taxi services are provided by Yellow Cab, Rady Cab, and Green Cab between SDF Airport and Downtown Louisville. A taxi ride to the airport should ideally take ten to fifteen minutes. This ride will cost you between $20 and $30. However, keep in mind that traffic on the route to Louisville Airport may cause the travel to take longer.

You can use Uber or Lyft, two ridesharing services, to get to the airport. The type of ride and the time of your trip determine the fee. Using a Lyft service will run you anywhere from $15 to $32. The cost of an Uber journey from Downtown to SDF Airport can range from $15 to $30. Be advised that during peak seasons or rush hours, the fare may increase. Thus, before you schedule a service, always be sure to check the fare.

Activities at Louisville Airport

Louisville Airport Parking Guide

Considering what to do with the time before boarding? That’s where our parking guide for Louisville Airport comes in handy! The airport at SDF lacks lounges. You can stay equipped by making use of the terminal’s free Wi-Fi. To stay interested, browse the internet or share your information on social media. What other entertainment choices are available to you at SDF Airport?

Louisville Airport Dining

There are over eleven restaurants in the airport that will satisfy your appetite. Starbucks locations can be found in both the pre-and post-security zones. The iconic Louisville mint julep is served to you inside the pre-security area’s Book and Bourbon Southern Kitchen. For a taste of regional ice cream flavors, visit The Comfy Cow. Delicious whiskey cocktails may be found in the post-security area at the Bourbon Academy Tasting Room.

The two restaurants with delicious pizzas and burgers are Coals Artisan Pizza and Smashburger. The other two restaurants you could check out are KFC and Farmers Market! Too busy to go out to eat? Next, proceed to the post-security area’s The Local Rustic Market or Chili’s Bar & Grill, which both serve grab-and-go cuisine.

Purchasing at The Airport

Before boarding, you can purchase some mementos from a few stores. The majority of these stores may be found in the pre-security section of the main terminal. If you are looking for mementos with a Kentucky Derby theme, stop by the Churchill Downs Store. Would you like to purchase any alcoholic drinks? Proceed to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail after that.

You may get a tiny bat and other baseball memorabilia from Louisville Slugger. In the pre-security area is a Flower Center open around the clock. Other stores you can check out are CNBC News Express, Winner’s Circle, Distillery District Marketplace, Brighton, Finish Line News, and Brooks Brothers.

Additional Airport Services

Halfway along Concourse A is a Mother’s Room. It features a sizable common space with three separate suites, a glider, dimmable lighting, a changing station, and numerous power outlets. You can monitor the flight status on the flight display screen located in the common area. There are two pet-friendly sections in the terminal of SDF Airport.

Military soldiers and their families receive assistance from the upper-level USO Louisville Metro. There is an information booth on the lower level, and the concourses are lined with charging stations. To learn more about Louisville Airport, keep reading this parking guide.

Louisville Airport Is Located Where?

The address of SDF Airport is 600 Terminal Drive, Louisville, KY 40209.

What does Louisville Airport’s SDF stand for?

It is preferable to be at the airport two hours before the planned departure time.

When Does Louisville Airport Open for Business?

The terminal is open until the last flight, with the airport opening at 4 a.m.

Is Parking at Louisville Airport Free?

Indeed. For the first ten minutes, parking is free in the Premier, Surface Parking, and Parking Garage lots. You can park for free for the first two hours at the Express Shuttle Parking Lot at the same time. Alternatively, you can park for free for up to an hour at the Cell Phone Lot.

Louisville Airport Parking Guide

Is Parking Available at Louisville Airport Once a Week?

Indeed. Weekly parking is provided by all onsite. Every lot offers free parking on the seventh day. The cheapest weekly parking is available at the Express Shuttle Parking Lot, where parking costs $48. For a week of parking, Surface Lot Parking charges $54. Weekly parking at the Premier Lot is $60; using the Parking Garage will cost you an additional $78. You will pay $168 for a weekly Valet parking service.

Where Can I Locate Louisville Airport’s Cheapest Long-Term Parking?

For $8 per day, the Express Shuttle Parking Lot provides the most affordable long-term on-site parking. Try reserving a long-term parking space in adjacent off-site garages or hotel parking lots if you’re searching for a less expensive option at Louisville Airport.

Are there Accessible Parking Spaces at SDF Parking Lots?

Indeed. Accessible parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis in all onsite lots. When using these parking spaces, make sure your car has a disabled license plate.

How Much Does SDF Airport Valet Parking Cost?

A day’s worth of valet parking service will run you $24. For this service, the upper-level curb is where items are dropped off and picked up.

Where at SDF Airport are the EV Charging Stations Located?

On the third floor of the parking garage, there are two complimentary EV charging points.

Which Carriers Operate at Louisville Airport?

Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines, United Express, American Airlines, Allegiant Air, American Eagle, Delta Air Lines, Breeze Airways, Delta Connection, and Spirit Airlines.

Is Credit Card Payment Accepted for Parking at Louisville Airport?

Indeed. Payments with credit cards are only accepted at Express Shuttle Parking and Premier lots.

How far is SDF Airport from the University of Louisville?

Louisville Airport is approximately six miles from the campus.

Discounts, Coupons, and Information About Parking at Louisville Airport

Louisville Airport Parking Guide

Do you think parking fees at SDF are too high? Concerned about securing a parking space on-site when departing? After that, it’s safe to check for parking spaces at adjacent hotel parking lots or off-site garages. You can receive a cheaper parking place if you make your reservation through the Way.com website or app. You may guarantee a parking space for as little as $7 per day by making a reservation with Way. Use Way to reserve cheap parking spaces for SDF!

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Parking advice and tips for Louisville Airport

  • The distance between SDF airport and Downtown Louisville is about nine miles.
  • Onsite parking is available in Parking Garage, Surface Parking, Premier, and Express Shuttle Parking.
  • If you’re looking for temporary parking, park in the parking garage.
  • Only long-term parking spaces are available in the Surface Parking, Premier, and Express Shuttle Parking lots.
  • For a limited time, free parking is available in all on-site lots. For free parking for up to an hour, use the Cell Phone Lot.
  • If you’re searching for reasonably priced long-term parking, check out the spaces in the off-site lots.

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