Boston Logan Airport Parking: A Guide to The Various Parking Options!

Tens of millions of passengers use Boston Logan Airport each year, making it one of the top 20 busiest airports in the nation. About four miles outside the city center, in East Boston, is where the airport is located. It serves as a vital airport for JetBlue and is one of the primary hubs for Delta Air Lines on the East Coast.

You might be concerned about how to get to and where to park if your flight is leaving from Boston Logan. Pre-travel anxiousness may increase if you are concerned that you won’t find a space in time and will miss your flight. That is rather common; for many travelers, parking is the most frustrating aspect of flying. However, you can ignore these worries. Everything you need to know for a hassle-free journey is included in our Logan Airport parking guide.

Airport Parking at Boston Logan: On-site

You must be aware of the parking location and cost in advance, regardless of whether you are picking someone up or departing from Boston’s Logan Airport. Making a plan will help you relax at the airport and concentrate on meeting up with loved ones or starting your journey. The economy parking lot and the central parking garage are Logan Airport’s two parking spaces.

Plan your visit by using the parking map at Logan Airport. Knowing which terminal you’re flying out of or picking someone up from helps you navigate the map. Additionally, you can find out whether any on-site parking choices are temporarily closed. Considering that, you can select from the on-site locations below the parking lot that best suits your needs.

The Central Garage for Parking

The central parking garage provides access to all terminals. There are signs inside the garage that will tell you where to park so that it is closest to your terminal. Additionally, there is parking close to Terminal E in a smaller lot and the garage of Terminal B.

Boston Logan Airport Parking

There is no shuttle service offered if you want to park in the center, so plan on walking to the closest terminal while carrying your bags. Parking in the central parking garage costs $41/day for a single day. Up to 1 day plus 6 hours, anything over 24 hours costs $62.

The Parking Lot of Economy

Although it is located on the property, the Logan Airport economy parking garage is not close to the terminals. The two-deck garage is located at the intersection of Prescott Street and Service Road. From the inbound roadway, follow the signage directing you to this parking choice.

A day’s worth of economy parking costs $32. Anything beyond 24 hours is $48, and there is a shuttle service that runs every 15 to 20 minutes and is available around the clock. Up to 1 day plus 6 hours is $48. It would take about 20 minutes to walk from the economy parking lot to Terminal E.

Because of its distance from the main terminals, this alternative may not be the safest choice if you are traveling alone. More than 2,700 spots are available in the economy parking area, but they fill up quickly, so you should make a reservation in advance.

Boston Logan Terminals

There are four operational terminals at Boston Logan: A, B, C, and E. Here is a list of all the airlines that are present at each terminal. Despite its size, Logan Airport is reasonably simple to use. The terminals are connected by walkways, and frequent shuttle buses facilitate traveler movement. Every 15 to 20 minutes, the airport shuttles make stops at each terminal. They run around the clock.

Of all the Logan terminals, Terminal C is presumably the busiest, while Terminal E exclusively handles foreign flights and houses the U.S. Customs and Immigration departments. You must become acquainted with the airline terminals and the Logan Airport pickup location for your safety. For more information, see the parking map for Logan Airport below.

Parking rates at Logan Airport in Boston

Boston Logan Airport Parking

You might be wondering how much parking will cost you while you make travel plans. Keep in mind that these costs are subject to change; the airport can provide the most recent information. The following lists the long-term, short-term, and economic parking prices at Boston Logan Airport.

Long-Term Parking

You should store your automobile for at least one day, if not longer if you plan to be gone for an extended period. The following are the long-term parking costs at the Boston airport:

  • One day and one to six hours cost $62.
  • One day and six to 24 hours cost $82.
  • Additional days cost $41.
  • One to six hours on an additional day costs $21.

Short-Term Parking

If you are escorting someone to their flight, you might require short-term parking. The following are the short-term parking costs at Boston Logan Airport:

  • The first hour costs $9.
  • One to two hours cost $23.
  • Two to three hours cost $28.
  • Three to four hours cost $32.
  • Four to seven hours cost $36.
  • Seven to 24 hours cost $41.

Economy Parking

For more reasonably priced Logan Airport parking, take a look at the economy options. The following are the prices for Boston Logan Airport’s economy parking:

  • The first hour costs $9.
  • One to two hours cost $22.
  • Two to three hours cost $24.
  • Three to four hours cost $27.
  • One day costs $32.
  • One day and one to six hours cost $48.
  • Additional days cost $32.
  • One to six hours on an additional day costs $16.

Parking Advice for Boston Logan Airport

Here are a few additional suggestions to help you organize your trip or pickup so you may have a better time parking on-site.

Maintain a record of your ticket: A lost parking ticket fee of the corresponding parking charges + $5 is levied by the airport.

Avoid parking on the curb: Curbside parking is not permitted in any of the Boston Logan Airport terminals. On the other hand, you can pick up people at their terminal by temporarily utilizing a curbside parking space.

Request assistance: Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it; airport parking attendants are available to assist you 24 hours a day. For questions about parking, call the parking attendants at 617-561-1673.

Think about frequent flyer programs: If you use Boston Airport often for travel, you may want to sign up for its Gold Parking Express program. You have parking rights with Gold Parking Express, even when the garage is full.

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Off-Site Parking Close to Logan Airport in Boston

Boston Logan Airport Parking

Take into consideration the few off-site parking choices available near Logan Airport to minimize airport traffic congestion on arrival and exit. Facilities that provide off-site parking frequently give you additional amenities, a shuttle to the terminals, and a cheaper rate.

Boston Logan’s Nearest Off-Site Parking Lot

The closest off-site parking option for Boston Logan Airport is Park Shuttle & Fly. You won’t experience any drawbridge delays on your shuttle ride to the airport because of our handy position. Our free shuttle travel takes five to ten minutes, every day of the year. Compared to parking in certain on-site spaces and walking to your terminal, that is quicker.

To ensure a stress-free departure day and a spotlessly clean car upon your return, you may secure parking in advance and even benefit from car detailing services.

Rates for Off-Site Parking

Although the cost of off-site parking varies by location, it is usually always less expensive than parking at the airport. Right now, Park Shuttle & Fly charges $32 per day. We also give our reward members a discount on parking.

If you’re looking for long-term parking at Logan Airport, take advantage of our reasonable weekly prices. See how much you may save on parking when you use our services by selecting your preferred date and time for a quote online.

Arriving at the Airport

Park Shuttle & Fly offers on-demand shuttle services, whereas Logan’s economy parking garage shuttles depart every 15 to 20 minutes from the airport. That implies that when you’re ready, you can ask for a shuttle to drop you off right at your terminal.

We usually have shuttles ready to take you where you need to go. If not, you’ll simply have to wait five to ten minutes for your transport. We also provide a brief wait for your shuttle in addition to the following.

Free parking for valets: You are taken care of as soon as you arrive by our team. To utilize the shuttle bus, simply drive up to the service window, fill out the necessary information, and get on board. We’ll take care of your parking.

Helping with the luggage: Do you need to organize several suitcases or a bulky bag? Allow us to assist you with packing for the journey. We can give you a convenient and comfortable travel in more ways than one.

Vehicles that are accessible to all: We can set you up in an accessible car if you or your travel companion have special needs.

Room for your bags: When you park with us, there’s no need to squeeze into a packed shuttle. Our spacious shuttles offer a swift and relaxing journey.

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Motives for Off-Site Parking

Given that parking at the airport will put you close to your terminal, parking there could seem like the ideal choice. However, if you’d like to save money and experience less hassle, parking off-site is the way to go. Here are some justifications for thinking about off-site parking when visiting Logan Airport.

Boston Logan Airport Parking

It costs less: The money you’ll save by parking off-site is the biggest benefit. For instance, a day’s parking at Park Shuttle & Fly is less than half as expensive as parking at Logan’s central garage.

It won’t be a long walk for you: When you park off-site, you won’t have to walk from a parking garage to your terminal because these establishments provide shuttle services. We’ll drive you directly to your terminal when you park with us, sparing you the headache of lugging your stuff across a crowded lot.

There won’t be any navigating a crowded airport parking lot: There is a tangle of people rushing to catch their flights at Logan Airport. When you park off-site, you never have to worry about researching parking maps ahead of time and can avoid traversing congested, hectic, and intricate parking structures. On your shuttle travel, you may unwind knowing that you’re in capable hands.

You’ll Be Treated Personally: As you make your way through a parking garage, you might not have the best experience finding an attendant to assist with luggage. But, personnel will notice you if you park off-site. Our helpful crew at Park Shuttle & Fly is pleased to assist you in any way they can.

Making a Reservation Is Simple: Online parking reservations are simple to make with a reliable off-site provider like Park Shuttle & Fly. You can use a straightforward kiosk in our lot or ask an attendant to help you if you decide not to prepay.

Your vehicle will be safe: Even with security cameras, large, unsecured airport parking lots are targets for car theft, vandalism, and break-ins. It is extremely safe and reassuring to park in an off-site lot that is fenced-in and manned by security.

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