Best Things To Do in Ireland in 2024

Greetings from Ireland, the world’s most picturesque, hospitable, and verdant small island! Ireland has a plethora of destinations to explore. A million visitors arrive here annually in the hopes of taking in the breathtaking scenery and the enchanted culture of Ireland.

We adore everything Irish, and we live and breathe it at Ireland Before You Die. After visiting several of the locations, we tried our best to compile a list of just 25 must-see locations.

Our list of must-see locations in Ireland is extensive and includes just the best spots. It contains mountains, beaches, landmarks, tourist sites, and much more. The items to see in Ireland before you pass away are listed on our Irish bucket list!

The Blarney Stone, Co. Cork

things to do in Ireland

Blarney Castle is another important tourist destination in Ireland that you should not miss.
Adding the Blarney Stone to your list of amazing bucket list items is highly recommended since it is one of the most iconic and historic tourist destinations on the Emerald Isle.

A long-standing Irish myth states that kissing the stone bestows the “gift of the gab,” or the ability to flatter with extraordinary eloquence. About five miles outside of Cork City, Blarney Castle boasts battlements that are topped with a chunk of Carboniferous limestone. It was installed in the castle’s tower around 1446.

Travelers from all over the world come to Ireland to visit Blarney Castle and explore the castle and grounds, making it one of the most famous tourist destinations in the country. It is somewhat of a tourist trap as a result, therefore be advised that there may be lengthy lines to kiss this stone! Still, it’s well worth the trip if you visit during the off-peak hours and the weather permits!

Titanic Belfast, Co. Antrim

Belfast’s Titanic is among the top tourist destinations in Ireland. Everyone is familiar with the tragic tale of the Titanic, the well-known ship that perished on its first voyage. The world’s largest Titanic visitor experience is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the place where this fabled ship was built! The museum has been recognized with accolades since its 2012 launch and is now considered one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide!

Self-guided tours give you the chance to discover everything there is to know about the well-known ship, its builders, and the passengers who traveled on its inaugural trip. If you are on a tight budget, you may still explore the building and snap pictures from the slipway; but, a ticket for this tour is somewhat pricey.

Make sure to stop by the Titanic Hotel next door for a bite to eat and a drink in the same room where the ship was planned after you toured the building! Our Irish Bucket List must include a visit to Titanic Belfast, one of the greatest things to do in Belfast! Definitely among Ireland’s top destinations for travel.

Croke Park, Co. Dublin

things to do in Ireland

A GAA game at Croke Park is one of the top things to do in Dublin and should not be missed if you want to truly understand what Irish sport is all about. The most popular sports in Ireland are Gaelic games. Hurling and Gaelic football are two different games that are organized and controlled by the Irish Athletic Association, or GAA.

The GAA’s headquarters is located at Croke Park, making it the ideal location to witness a major game. This place has an incredible level of crowd emotion and game intensity. The All-Ireland Final is the largest game held here, but tickets are as rare as gold dust, so you’d have to be extremely lucky to acquire one!

The North West 200, Co. Derry

Are motorbikes your thing? If so, you ought to include the North West 200 on your list of Irish must-dos! Every May, the North West 200 motorcycle race is conducted along Ireland’s north shore.

The route is a street circuit made up of the public roadways that connect Portrush, Coleraine, and Portstewart (also known as the Triangle). At almost 200 mph (320 km/h), it is among the fastest in the world. With approximately 150,000 visitors from all over the world throughout the race weekend, it is the biggest annual athletic event in Ireland.

Sean’s Bar, Athlone, Co. Westmeath

things to do in Ireland

Go to the very center of Ireland if you’re interested in Irish pub culture and are unsure of what to do while visiting! Sean’s Bar, the world’s oldest bar, is located here in Athlone! At the location of Sean’s tavern, alcohol has been served to the residents for nearly a century and a half—since 900 AD! Possessing a pint in the world’s oldest pub is a heartening experience.

Leap Castle, Co. Offaly

While numerous haunted castles can be found in Ireland, none is quite as notorious as County Offaly’s Leap Castle. It’s commonly acknowledged that this castle is the most haunted in the entire globe. Because of this, thousands of tourists visit Leap Castle every year—not just to take in its breathtaking scenery and rich history, but also to get a close-up look at its eerie residents! Get in touch with the owners to schedule a private tour.

Glenoe Waterfall, Co. Antrim

Although Ireland is home to many stunning waterfalls, Glenoe Waterfall is the greatest Located just outside the quaint tiny community of Gleno, this adorable little waterfall is tucked away in the hills.

The Waterfall Rd. parking lot must be located to get here. Once you’re at the parking lot, head to the breathtaking waterfall by following a route through the forest. It takes a maximum of twenty minutes. Glenoe Waterfall is an ideal destination whether you are spending the weekend in Belfast or traveling to the north shore to see sights like the Giant’s Causeway!

Carrauntoohil, Co. Kerry

things to do in Ireland

Carrauntoohil ought to be at the top of your Irish bucket list if hiking is something you’re interested in doing. The highest peak in Ireland is Carrauntoohil, which is situated in County Kerry. It is the central summit of the MacGillycuddy’s Reeks range, rising to a height of 1,038 meters (3,406 feet). For those who enjoy hiking, the mountain is not only large but also stunning, making it one of the top activities in Ireland.

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