When Should You Arrive at The Airport?

The majority of air travelers anticipate their vacations for a very long time. Travelers therefore want to avoid missing their flight at all costs. For instance, there may be gridlock in the road leading to the airport, excessively long wait times during check-in, or excessively long security checks for carry-on luggage. Many travelers ask: What is the deadline for arriving at Stuttgart Airport? At Hamburg Airport or in Berlin? To make the most of your vacation, we explain in this blog how early you should arrive at the airport.

How many hours are needed before you go to the airport?

While you’re waiting for your flight at the airport, you can be daydreaming or occupying your time. However, in actuality, there’s typically nothing more dull than waiting at the airport for a flight (a plane full of bored people is not recommended). You can’t just go somewhere and relax when spending several hours at the airport.

Therefore, what is the best time to travel to the airport? Or how early ought one to arrive at the airport? Ordinarily, airlines advise travelers to get to the airport approximately two hours before departure. Some airlines are calling for four hours at the moment. But regular travelers typically arrive at the airport 60–90 minutes before departure, not accounting for such a significant buffer. But it’s easy to miss thirty to forty minutes due to lengthy walks from the station to the gate or lengthy lineups at security checkpoints. That being said, it matters if your flight is domestic or international. It can be wise to give yourself a little more time for boarding and security checks when taking an overseas trip.

You may, at most, verify a few of these specifications on the website of your airline:

  • Criteria for Baggage Checks: Announcing over the loudspeakers, kindly exit the check-in hall or room! No more registrations or baggage check-ins! Airlines advise travelers to arrive at the airport promptly to prevent such scenarios. Once more, it is worthwhile to enquire about the airline’s conditions. Furthermore, you can look up “baggage check-in requirements” on Google.
  • Airport Check-In Requirements: When you travel, complex security procedures are unavoidably on your mind. But the airplane is not just a vehicle; it’s a place of freedom that demands a great deal of thought and effort. An airport must, first and foremost, be safe and offer enough of area for leisure. Check-in has a time limit that must be followed, just like luggage check-in, depending on the airline. If you’ve previously checked in online or with a smartphone, though, this isn’t too horrible.
    When reaching the gate: How long will it take to get there from the security system? The airline can refuse to let you board if you get to the gate late. Airlines frequently offer your spot to standby passengers if you failed to check in on time or shouldn’t have passed through security at all.
  • Airport rush hour: For instance, the rush hour at Frankfurt Airport runs from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Here, it’s important to think about the following queries: What’s the size of your airport? Is it going to be airport rush hour? Is this your time to travel throughout the summer? Are your kids along, or are you going alone? Can delays occur when a family and children are traveling? Remember that peak times at airports vary depending on the time of day and even the day of the week. As a result, find out ahead of time when your airport experiences its peak traffic. This information is available via Google search or the airport’s website.

How much time should I spend at the airport without my bags before leaving?

For flights inside the EU, you should typically arrive at the airport at least an hour in advance of takeoff. Two hours for long-distance travel. Above all, always abide by the regulations set forth by your airline. If you check in online and don’t bring checked luggage, you can reduce the amount of time you have to wait. An hour’s time buffer is plenty if you’re flying within Europe, as previously stated. Once you’ve checked in and have only carry-on luggage, you can very much head straight to security. It’s acceptable to arrive 30 minutes later here sometimes.

When do I need to arrive at the airport If I checked in online?

It is necessary to visit the airline’s check-in desks on the day of departure even if you check in online, as this is also where baggage check-in is located. After checking in online, you can head straight to the gate if your sole luggage is carry-on. It can take up to an hour to process hand luggage and go through security during busy hours. Plan accordingly for a little bit of extra time. Arrive at the gate at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time for a domestic flight.

What time should I arrive at the airport For a domestic flight?

One hour is plenty of time to spare if you are traveling within Europe. You may arrive at the airport in 90 minutes for domestic flights if you check in online ahead of time and don’t need to check any luggage. Generally speaking, the majority of airlines advise arriving at the airport at least two hours before departure. But bear in mind that it can easily take up to 30 minutes for lengthy walks from the terminal to the gate or lengthy lineups at security checkpoints.

What is the recommended arrival time at the airport for an international flight?

It’s advised to get to the airport three hours or more before the departure time for foreign flights. It is advised to arrive at least two hours in advance for flights within the European Union. Whether you are flying during rush hour or not doesn’t matter here. In any event, it is highly recommended that you give yourself adequate time and heed the airline’s advice.

Check the checklist before departure

Have you finished checking everything off your checklist before you go? (Suitcase weight and dimensions, carry-on bags, cash, credit cards, travel documents).

Travelers often wonder themselves, “Have I thought of everything?” in the days leading up to their trip. Whether you are a frequent traveler or this is your first trip, careful planning is always required. Having a checklist aids in remembering everything that matters. We have provided you with a helpful checklist below:

  • Copy of the above-mentioned documents (in case the wallet is lost)
  • Travel guide, hiking maps, etc.
  • Mobile phone network abroad / roaming charges / SIM cards
  • Electronics (cell phone, laptop, tablet, camera, GoPro, power bank, batteries, chargers, adapters, memory cards, e-book reader, headphones)
  • Traveling with infant (bibs, diapers, diaper bag, wet wipes, pacifier / stuffed animal, baby food, drinking; baby food exceptions) 
  • Also of interest: neck pillow, sleep mask, glasses, sunglasses, pen, biro, books, magazines, card games, entertainment, cookies, something to munch on, refill or purchase water bottle after baggage check.
  • How many suitcases do you want to travel with? (Hand luggage, checked luggage, bag, Travel Backpack)
  • How big are the suitcases allowed to be? Permitted dimensions? (Packing suitcases made easy)
  • How much can the suitcases weigh? Suitcase not too heavy? Permitted weight? 
  • Are you aware of the guidelines for liquids? Liquid bag – rules are known?  
  • Important medications with prescription/pill guidelines for medications. 
  • No prohibited items? What is allowed in carry-on luggage? 
  • Are you allowed to take food on the plane?
  • Airline tickets with you?
  • When do I get my PNR number?
  • Identity card, student card (for discounts), and driving license?
  • Identity card and passport (outside the EU, valid for at least 6 months)?
  • Visa (outside the EU)?
  • Tickets (train, bus, etc.)?
  • House keys, car keys with you? 
  • Reservations (hotel, Airbnb, other tickets)
  • Contact information (hotel, travel agency)
  • Emergency contacts and important addresses
  • Check your email inbox in case the flight time has been changed. Attention. Flight time can be moved back as well as forward (Tip: What can I do if my flight is changed to be earlier?).
  • Copy of above-mentioned documents (in case the wallet is lost)

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