Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy

Are you attempting to revoke your Cathay Pacific reservation? Also want to know your rights regarding the refund and cancellation policies. You’re on the appropriate page.

A Cathay Pacific flight may be canceled voluntarily or involuntarily. Any cancellation requested by the passengers is considered voluntary. However, a cancellation requested by Cathay Pacific is considered involuntary.

What is the Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy?

  • Flight reservations must be canceled within 24 hours after booking to receive a full refund.
  • After 24 hours of booking, the airline will incur cancellation fees that might be subtracted from your refund if you cancel your flight reservations.
  • Tickets for flights can only be canceled 24 hours before the departure time. Refund requests from travelers will only be accepted for refundable tickets.
  • The cancellation cost varies depending on the kind of ticket, the destination, and the flight length. Charges for cancellations can range from $35 to $70.
  • No refunds will be given for used or expired tickets.

Cathay Pacific 24-hour Cancellation Policy

Under certain conditions, Cathay Pacific’s 24-hour flight cancellation policy enables you to cancel any flight ticket within 24 hours of purchase and receive a full refund.

You must fulfill the following requirements to be eligible for a 24-hour cancellation and refund:

  • You should use a reputable travel agent or Cathay Pacific’s US website to make internet flight reservations.
  • Your flight must be to or from the United States, drop off at least 24 hours after booking, and depart at least 7 days after booking.

How to Cancel Cathay Pacific Flight Ticket Online?

  • You must first go to the official Cathay Pacific website.
  • After that, select Manage My Booking.
  • The new screen will now appear on the screen when you select the option to cancel your tickets.
  • After that, input the passenger’s last name and booking reference number on the tabs.
  • Click the cancel button now.
  • You will receive a confirmation email after your tickets are canceled.

How to Cancel Cathay Pacific Flight Ticket Via Phone?

You can also call the Cathay toll-free number at +1 888-982-1907 to request cancellation from Cathay Pacific.

What Are the Ticket Cancellation Fees on Cathay Pacific?

Regardless of the kind of ticket, Cathay Pacific’s cancellation cost is always 150 USD. After deducting 150 USD from Cathay Pacific’s cancellation fees, travelers who chose refundable fares will receive their money back. Since the entire ticket price would be lost, the Cathay Pacific flight cancellation fee does not apply to non-refundable flights. Travelers are, therefore, not eligible for reimbursement.

How to Get a Refund of a Cancelled Ticket on Cathay Pacific?

To seek a refund for your Cathay Pacific flight ticket, follow the procedures below. This covers tickets purchased through the Cathay Pacific website, mobile app, or Cathay Pacific airline agents at Fond Travels. You can easily cancel your ticket by entering Cathay Pacific’s website.

Refund requests can be made by phone. If you purchased your ticket through a Cathay Pacific airline agent or the Cathay Pacific website and would want to make a phone refund request, please follow these instructions:

  • Click “Contact Us” to send an email to Cathay Pacific.
  • Next, select “Rebook, Cancel, or Refund Your Flight” from the menu.
  • The list of instructions includes a Global Contact Center option.
  • To prevent these difficulties or uncertainty, you can call the Cathay Pacific airline agent on TravoLiners at +1 888-982-1907.
  • Use the cancellation & refund airline option to request reimbursement after speaking with an airline support agent.

If Cathay Pacific Cancels Flights, What Will Happen?

If Cathay Pacific cancels the flight, travelers are entitled to a return of their ticket costs. However, you won’t be eligible for a refund if you voluntarily change your flying plans.

In the case that your Cathay flight is postponed or canceled due to a delay, Cathay Pacific will immediately rebook your ticket. Your flight information will be updated on the website’s Cathay Pacific Manage booking area.

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